HIPAA compliant answering service

Ruby keeps the privacy in private practice.

How it works


Our award-winning Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant virtual receptionists handle and route calls on your behalf.


We collect intake information, answer non-medical questions, and more—24/7/365.


You’ll stay up-to-date while knowing we protect the privacy of your most valuable asset: your patients.


Here for you—and your patients.

Our 100% US-based virtual receptionists ensure your patients never deal with busy signals, auto-holds, and please-leave-a-message systems. All around, we provide a great experience—and great experiences help turn callers into patients. With Ruby, you can put down the phone and focus on what you do best. We’ll take care of the rest.

Dialed in on empathy.

At Ruby, engaging people is our specialty. Our virtual receptionists undergo extensive training to ensure we ask the right questions at the right times, prioritizing callers who need immediate attention, and making patients feel cared for.


Calling all practitioners.

Care for your patients with Ruby’s live HIPAA compliant virtual receptionist services.

Live virtual receptionists

24/7 live chat


Simply complete the online service agreement to get started. A friendly expert member of our team will contact you to provide a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and get you up and running. Or just give us a ring at 844-311-7829! Our team is available Monday to Friday, 6am to 5pm Pacific / 9am to 8pm Eastern.

No way!  There are no additional charges for customers who need HIPAA compliant service. Regular charges apply.

The primary difference is that with HIPAA compliant service, messages and caller information will not be emailed and/or texted to you, but rather will be available via a secure method. More specifically:

  • Your messages, voicemails, and call details will be available in the Ruby App (which sends notifications) and on our online portal at
  • Outbound call assist requests will be placed through the Ruby App – and the confirmation messages from our outbound call team will be available in the Ruby App and on
  • If you have a HIPAA compliant scheduling tool, that our Receptionists can access without a login, they can make appointments for your callers.

You will access your messages, voicemails, and call details via our online portal at and/or the Ruby App, both of which provide notifications. This allows the sensitive information collected from your callers to remain secure.

You may submit an outbound call assist request securely through the Ruby app. The confirmation messages from our team after the outbound call is complete are available in the call assist logs in the Ruby app and on

Ruby is currently only able to schedule appointments via a third-party scheduling platform called Calendly, which unfortunately does not offer HIPAA compliant service at this time. We do have some other options for scheduling that may work for you and we’re happy to discuss them to find a good solution!

For more information view our Terms of Use and you can always reach us by email at or by phone at 866-611-7829.

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