Customer story: Murdock's Moving

Nick Murdock, owner of Murdock’s Moving & Hauling, knows that with growth comes new challenges.

“That’s the entrepreneur’s dilemma,” he said. “How do you let go of certain aspects of your business and trust other people to do them?”

Nick is not alone in his search for another set of hands. As a 2021 survey from Clutch revealed, eight out of ten small businesses have outsourced or are considering outsourcing business functions to better manage their priorities.

Trusting a new partner in your business can be an adjustment and Nick knew he wanted a high-quality service that could easily fit with his team.

Hands holding tablet displaying Ruby's Murdock Moving case study

In this case study, find how how Nick found that service in Ruby. You’ll learn how Ruby makes it easy for Murdock’s Moving & Hauling to…

  • Answer every call
  • Completely customize call handling instructions
  • Streamline service while keeping things personal

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