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AWeber offers powerfully-simple small business email marketing solutions.

Build your lists, send emails and connect with your audience faster than ever before. And now, it’s never been easier to quickly create visually-stunning landing pages that get your business online quickly (no website required).

The ultimate solution for legal professionals looking to run their practice everywhere they go.

Clio empowers lawyers to be both client-centered and firm focused through a suite of cloud-based solutions, including legal practice management software and client intake and legal CRM software. 

Ruby customers will receive 10% off their first year with Clio.

Let Databerry get Ruby set up on your website, no matter what platform you use.

Helping your business grow is our business, and we take that responsibility seriously. Using the most current growth-focused technology strategies, Databerry has launched over 1,000 digital projects for businesses of all sizes and scales.

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DSG programs help Ruby clients drive more traffic to their websites and manage their online reputations.

DSG specializes in online presence, performance and promotion advertising on platforms like Google AdWords and Yelp Performance Advertising, SEO, and integrated marketing technology.

Ruby customers receive 15% off Marketing Technology & A Complimentary Online Listing Analysis

Equivity provides US-based virtual administrative, marketing and paralegal professionals for businesses and law firms.

Equivity hires experienced college graduations who are specialists in their areas, bringing skills as diverse as managing a calendar to developing an email marketing campaign to preparing legal pleadings and other documents. Plans are flexible and are offered on a month-to-month basis, starting at as little as 5 hours/month.

Ruby customers receive 10% off their first month of service with promo code: RUBY10.

Escalon provides a one-stop-shop solution for Essential Business Services.

With Escalon, you’ll have a seamless, paperless, completely digital solution, offering expertise in FinOps (Finance and Accounting + Tax), PeopleOps (HR, Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting), and Risk (All Insurance). You’ll be able to maximize your current runway and make cash last much longer, while utilizing a solution that can easily scale with your business.

Helping You Keep the World in Working Order

FieldPulse is the easiest way to run your service business. Designed and priced for your small business, FieldPulse helps you manage your customers, schedule your work, create estimates and invoices, track employee timesheets, and much more — starting at only $65 per month. Whether a single-man operation or a growing company, FieldPulse adapts to your business size.

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Foster Web Marketing provides complete marketing solutions for attorneys, doctors, and small businesses.

We are offer completely custom website design, marketing strategies, and personalized coaching to take your practice to new heights. Our goal is to help you take control of your marketing so you can transform your practice, improve your quality of life, and change more lives.

Ruby customers can get 10% off their website build AND marketing services.

Powering your work-from-anywhere world

The new GoToMeeting delivers a flawless, engaging experience that’s moving your business into the future every step of the way – from scheduling to follow-up.

Joining a meeting is now 65% faster than before. Our video first approach makes meetings more personal and our Smart Meeting Assistant ensures you’re not wasting time on mundane tasks. 

The Ultimate Inbox for a Small Business Owner

Your business phone number connected to your business email, all in one place.

A full virtual phone system, at a low cost. Features like custom greetings, extensions, call handling, and more, at a price made for small businesses. Grasshopper works with your existing phone, no need to buy additional equipment. 

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No credit card. No commitment. Try Grasshopper, on us.

Help Scout

Help Scout helps growing businesses manage all their customer conversations in one powerful platform that feels just like an inbox.

Quick to set up and easy to use, Help Scout enables customer-facing teams to focus on what really matters: growing customer relationships. Whether customers prefer to engage through email, live chat, or help centers, teams using Help Scout are ready with advanced features for collaboration, organization, and automation.

Ruby customers receive a 20% discount on all Help Scout services by using the link below.

Hire an Esquire helps law firms access top-quality, ultra-vetted attorneys and paraprofessionals. 

The Hire an Esquire subscription model allows you to pay talent you find on our platform directly without agency fees, competitively priced to a job posting or LinkedIn Recruiter subscription. Hire an Esquire’s subscription and payroll services are uniquely compliant with legal ethics rules concerning fee-sharing.

Grow your practice, revenue, and access previously unattainable talent— without increasing your overhead!

Ruby customers will receive $50 OFF their first-month subscription!

MothersEsquire (MESQ) is an international non-profit organization with nearly 6,000 women working to achieve gender equity in the legal profession. Originally formed in 2013 as a Facebook Group, MESQ’s mission has expanded to leading advocacy initiatives focused on improving promotion and retention rates of women in the law, along with championing equal pay and transparency regarding compensation practices. MESQ’s current goals include:

MESQ’s current goals include: continued activism for parental leave continuance in all states; breastfeeding accommodations for nursing attorneys and equitable and fair accommodations for women during the bar exam. 

Ruby customers will save $30/off a month with promo code: MESQ

RingBoost is a marketplace of custom phone numbers, including local, toll-free, vanity, easy-dial, and exhausted area codes.

Voice connection remains the most efficient and powerful tool for businesses to turn inquiries into revenue. Inbound calls are shown to convert to revenue 10-15 times greater than web leads, with an average of 28% greater revenue. No matter what size or in what stage of growth – from startup to the Fortune 500 – the right number helps you stand out, improve brand reputation, and accelerate growth.

Ruby customers get 15% OFF on any of our phone numbers with promo code RUBY15

Scorpion logo

We are a full-service marketing and technology company focused on businesses across the legal, home services, healthcare, and franchise industries.

We bring everything together for our customers in an all-in-one dashboard and make it easy for local businesses to make sense of everything going on in their market, business, and with their customers. Behind the scenes we ensure marketing channels and budgets are maximized, customers are delighted, and guidance and support is provided at each step.

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SearchKings is a digital advertising agency that focuses on lead generation campaigns for small and mid-size businesses.

Our key areas of expertise include Legal, Home and Professional services. As a Google Premier Partner, Searchkings is onboarding Attorneys to Google Screened, a new pay per lead program.

Ruby clients receive a 15% discount on all SearchKings services including Google Screened and PPC.

Empowering law firm growth through automation. HyperDraft is legal software you’ll actually use.

AI-powered document automation for any practice area – with implementation services and collaboration features included– at an affordable price.

Designed to grow any size law firm, HyperDraft helps you draft legal documents better and faster.

Ruby customers will receive 10% off their first year with HyperDraft.

One of the most impactful marketing tools a professional business can have is marketing analytics software that provides attribution data.

CallRail is an easy to learn tool that provides clear results from your marketing campaigns by tracking the source of your phone calls and form submissions.

Win more business by understanding which marketing campaigns make your phones ring.

Sign up today and save 20% as a Ruby customer.

Lawbrokr is pre-screening software that helps law firms qualify new leads.

Lawbrokr’s platform provides each firm with a unique link that can be placed on a firm’s website and anywhere else that people search for law firms. The link connects legal consumers to a set of simple but effective qualifying questions. In just a few clicks, the consumer gains an understanding of the services offered, and the firm receives visibility into case details. This allows the firm to invest its time into qualified prospects rather than those that aren’t a fit.

Ruby customers will receive 10% off their first year with Lawbrokr.

VIVAHR is a simple, yet affordable hiring software. 

From recruiting to hiring, VIVAHR’s all-in-one applicant tracking system is what your business can count on. Post your job openings on our platform and VIVAHR can send it out to 50+ job boards where you can get in touch with talented people looking for new opportunities. 

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