Use Ruby to get paid quickly and securely.

Easy, PCI-compliant, and built for all kinds of service providers.

We can take care of payment collection and processing for you.

Don’t waste any more time and frustration relying on complicated collection procedures or chasing down payments. Ruby can provide a seamless and secure payment experience for both you and your callers.

Great for:

Collecting fees associated with booking appointments

Collecting service fees from new customers upon engagement

Accepting payment via a link when a customer calls to pay an invoice

...and more!

How it works

Contact Customer Happiness to provide your payment link.
Your account will be assigned to a special queue that only rings to receptionists in a compliant facility.
When a caller wishes to book an appointment or service that requires a payment, or requests to pay an invoice, the receptionists will ask for and enter the required information from your payment link.

To learn more about payment processing, how to use it, and Ruby’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, click here.

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