TAO and the Portland Business Journal on Ruby’s move from service to tech.

Portland Business Journal on Ruby Receptionists

Skip Newberry, President of the Technology Association of Oregon recently wrote an article about Ruby’s transition from a service-based startup to a successful technology firm.

“In 2011 we launched our own backend software,” Ruby CEO, Jill Nelson said. “It was at that point we realized we were actually a technology company. We offer technology-powered services, and it’s our IT that enables us to scale to serve so many customers seamlessly and offer such highly customized, personalized services.”

Ruby’s team of live, friendly receptionists is only part of what makes Ruby so successful. In fact, it’s the combination of call-handling software, a customer-facing mobile app, and optional integrations with a variety of industry-specific practice management software systems that truly empowers our virtual receptionists to provide exceptional service. It’s this proprietary technology that provides the opportunity to personalize every interaction with everything from specific call-handling instructions and tailored greetings to the local weather.

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