There’s never been a better time to recommit to your vision and mission

In a recent article for B2B Marketing, Ruby President and COO Stephanie Copeland Weber explores how evolving and clarifying mission and vision statements is fundamental to staying relevant and making an impact.

She writes:

When was the last time you re-examined your company’s vision and mission?

Your company’s vision and mission are crucial right now, especially as marketers. The pandemic caused us to re-evaluate what we think of the working world –are we getting the benefits we need as employees? The wellbeing support? Do we share the same values as the company we work for and with? If we don’t, why? 

When the world throws what you do into question, it’s critical to revisit your why. A company’s vision and mission are fundamental decision-making and pathfinding tools. They can shape everything from product or service delivery to hiring, finance, customer communication, and yes, marketing.

As the business landscape continues to change, vision and mission statements likely need to evolve as well. Refreshing and reestablishing your “why” can lend businesses new clarity and energy while aligning the team around a shared, meaningful goal. It can also be a powerful way to stand out from the competition and increase customer loyalty.