Stay informed with Ruby's activity dashboard.

Ruby makes it easy to view messages and receptionist activity from your computer by visiting our online portal—or on your mobile device with the Ruby app.


How it works,
at a glance

View recent activity, as well as full call and chat history

Filter, export, and archive communications

Listen to voicemails

Read full chat transcripts

Advanced features
and capabilities


Filter by type of communication, tags, and more. You can save a contact, mark a communication as unread, archive or flag the communication, or request an outbound call assist.

Activity details

Click or tap on a call or chat to get the full scoop. You can access details such as associated messages, voicemails, and chat transcripts. (Enable push notifications on the mobile app to get alerted about new calls and chats immediately!)


Want to dig deeper into the details? Get quick visibility from your dashboard into your call and chat usage (broken down by company if you have multiple lines with Ruby), as well as a handy visualization of your activity by day of the week.

Usage alerts

Alerts will appear within your dashboard and mobile app when you’ve used 85% of your receptionist minutes in your plan, and again when you’ve used 100% of
your receptionist minutes.

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