[Article] 5 ways to support caregivers in your workplace Cultures

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5 ways to support caregivers in your workplace cultures

Two years into the pandemic, women are still leaving their jobs at a historic rate, with 1.8 million fewer women in the workforce. The exodus has plenty of root causes — many in the making for generations — but more plainly exposed and harder to ignore due to COVID-19. Gains in the division of domestic labor made throughout the last few decades quickly evaporated as schools shut down and family members became ill, leaving the responsibility of caregiving primarily to women.

“This is why it’s not a women-in-the-workforce issue; it’s an everyone-in-the-workforce issue,” says Selina Meere, Managing Director at Trevanna Tracks. “Leaders have to be intentional about making both men and women in the workforce, including themselves, accountable for an equal amount of work at home as their spouse is giving.”

Therefore, the question becomes not how to get women back in the workforce but how to support them once they are there. Here are five ways to support caregivers in your workplace cultures.