[Column] With Oregon’s talent shortage, what workers really want

how businesses can address labor shortage

There’s no shortage of records set in the last 18 months, and now we’re adding yet another to the mix. Small businesses across all industries are experiencing a 15-year high talent shortage. And while we do not yet see the lower pre-pandemic levels of unemployment, the Department of Labor is reporting 9.3 million open jobs.

Combine that with:

  • 4 million employees leaving their jobs in April
  • A surge in openings of restaurants, retail, and hospitality industries
  • Employees job-hopping through temporary roles to get to their ideal, long-term position

Companies are now in fierce competition to attract and retain talent like never before.

Ruby CEO, Kate Winkler, discusses how small businesses can stay competitive and shares the results of an experiment the Ruby team recently ran around hiring.