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the truth about small business customers

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Video/Myth #1:

“Will customers actually pay more for better customer service?”

Customer service doesn’t just build loyalty—it has the potential to boost your bottom line as well. All it takes is the right approach.

Learn how to deliver experiences that encourage customers to spend more money with your business.

Video/Myth #2:

“Do today’s customers expect immediate responses?”  

It’s no secret that modern customers expect quick responses from small businesses. The question is: how long will they wait until they turn to a competitor?

Get tips on how your business can meet rising expectations by streamlining customer communication.

Video/Myth #3:

“Is one bad experience all it takes to lose a customer?”  

You only get one chance to make a first impression. But how many chances do you get before you lose customers due to poor service?

Discover strategies you can use to improve experiences for your customers.

Video/Myth #4:

“Has customer experience technology replaced humans?”

Ever feel like you’re talking to a robot when you call customer support?

Well, that’s because you are (at least some of the time).

86% of customers would rather chat with a human vs. some kind of artificial intelligence. This video covers which support solutions might work for your business—and which to avoid. Watch it now!

Video/Myth #5:

“Is the phone call dead?”

More customers are using email and text to communicate with businesses than ever before. But if you think that means they won’t reach out over the phone—think again.

Learn how to turn your business phone into a lead generating machine.