Turn your product into your top marketing tool

In-product messaging can be one of the easiest and most immediate ways to communicate with your customers or clients.

That also makes it a uniquely powerful marketing tool, writes Ruby CRO Rebecca Grimes in a recent article in B2B Marketing:

We’re all constantly communicating. Throughout our workdays and personal lives, we’re inundated with news, push notifications, and endless scrolls of information. This is happening across various channels, too—email, text, social media, and on and on. So, when it comes to communicating with customers, companies need to not only be purposeful in their messaging, but also deliberate in where and when customers consume it.

In-product messaging is one of the most important communication strategies B2B companies can apply for an intentional, more efficient, and, really, a less bothersome experience for busy (and often distracted) customers. It also benefits business growth too. Approach in-product messaging through the principles of reach, relevancy, and retention.

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