Ruby + Zapier

Connect caller data to thousands of apps and reach new levels of efficiency.

Save time and boost productivity through automation with Zapier and Ruby.

Say hello to your new favorite combo. The #1 customer communication solution for small businesses now works with one of the leading workflow automation tools. In other words, you can use Ruby and Zapier to minimize busywork and wasted time while delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

How it works

Ruby’s integration with Zapier is simple yet powerful. Zapier automatically checks for new caller data in Ruby at no extra charge. Depending on your Zapier plan, it can be between one and 15 minutes.

  • Free & Starter Zapier Plans: every 15 minutes
  • Professional Zapier Plan: every two minutes
  • Team & Company Zapier Plans: every minute

In Zapier, you can create numerous zaps (ranging from five to unlimited depending on your Zapier plan) to send data from Ruby to thousands of applications and trigger all kinds of automated tasks. 

For example, you can use Ruby and Zapier to… 

Create new contacts in Google Contacts, Google Sheets, or Mailchimp.

Get new message notifications sent to your team in Slack or Microsoft Teams. 

Add callers to email campaigns (in Mailchimp, Active Campaign, or Constant Contact) based on conditions they meet after calls are completed.

Generate forms and automatically send them to callers to initiate client engagement, prefilled with their information, via Google Forms or Jot Forms.

Send call data to analytical software such as CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics, LeadConnector, and Klaviyo.

Create new tasks for follow-up in project management tools such as and Trello. 

Built for your CRM/CSM

Best of all, Ruby and Zapier can work with nearly any customer relationship management (CRM) or customer service management (CSM) tool, including:

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