Create Office Community With a SharePoint Social Site

What is SharePoint? Well, it’s a lot of things: it’s a program that makes web page building a snap for folks familiar with Microsoft products, it’s a great way to share documents and information, it’s a social networking site, it’s an amazing way to communicate, and the list goes on and on. This fantastic interactive […]

Happy Soup Day!

Today, our hardworking virtual receptionists are celebrating our third annual Soup Day! Soup Day is a Ruby® Receptionists tradition of sorts. Three years ago, on a particularly rainy January day, a few generous team members decided to foster a little happiness in our office by bringing in a few crockpots of soup to share…little did they know, that little generosity would spark […]

Small Business Tip: Time Management Strategies Part Three

When you work in a busy office, it can seem like a minefield of distractions. The phone’s ringing, you have a pile of work to do, and each passerby may want to stop and chat. Whether your coworker has a business question or just wants to share a funny story, it may not be the best time for you. […]

Free Tech Tools We Love: Gravatar, Spark, and Google Docs

We’re big fans of innovation here at Ruby® Receptionists; in fact, our virtual receptionists use advanced technology to answer phones for a variety of different businesses every day. And when we find out about a particularly helpful tech tool, we jump at the chance to share it with other business owners. Here are three more […]

How to Make Every Office Guest Feel Welcome

At Ruby, we aim to wow everyone we interact with, be it in person or when we’re answering phones. Although we’re an office full of live virtual receptionists, we don’t have a specific in-office receptionist tasked with greeting guests. Instead, we empower our entire team to welcome visitors. Making a great first impression on visitors isn’t any one […]