5 easy ways to make personal connections with your customers.

How to make connections and make them count. How many of your clients chose your business because their friend raved about you? Or perhaps they saw a five-star review online? Often an underestimated tool, word-of-mouth is still the most effective (and inexpensive) form of marketing for every industry. As a business owner, you’ve likely experienced […]

The Importance of Warm Transferring a Caller

Whether you share a receptionist with your virtual office, have a dedicated receptionist, or use a virtual receptionist service, having them introduce calls that come in to your business can help you look more professional. Instead of callers being transferred to a ringing line, wondering whether someone will pick up, in a “warm transfer,” the […]

Build Customer Confidence by Focusing on the Positive

We’re all about positivity at Ruby, and it’s not just because of our naturally friendly, upbeat staff — we’ve learned that having happy receptionists leads to happy customers, and that’s just all-around good business! Our virtual receptionist team knows how important it is to skip negative phrases. A few little words can turn a good conversation into a […]

Charm new clients from the moment they walk in through your front door.

Let’s face it: most businesses could stand to improve how they handle client experience.  Some companies disregard it, assuming clients only care about the price, speed, and quality of a service or product. Other companies overthink it, spending upwards of five or six figures on complicated CX tools and flashy brand displays that prove to […]

Ruby Celebrates Our 9th Birthday in Style!

Today, we celebrated our ninth year in business in true Ruby style — with a birthday party! We know how important it is to take time out to really celebrate the road that led us here. To mark the occasion, we hosted our second annual Ruby Bake-Off and birthday gift exchange! Lauren O. won the bake-off with some amazing Oreo truffles and […]