Make Your Business Legendary

Everyone knows the story of Nordstrom returning a set of tires — even though they don’t sell tires — for the sake of customer service. We’ve heard how Morton’s Steakhouse met someone at the airport, piping hot porterhouse in hand, simply because they jokingly tweeted how nice it would be. These are WOW moments. Or, in […]

How to Hire the Best and the Brightest for Your Business

You want employees who are going to care for your customers, go above and beyond, and who are in it for the long haul. But how will you know if you’ve found your next all-star? Get to know prospective employees as people. When we’re looking for a new virtual receptionist, candidates don’t go through an […]

Skip Generic Titles and Make Better Customer Connections

Treating your customers with respect is a no-brainer, but do generic titles fit that picture? Addressing customers with titles like Sir, Ma’am, Mister and Miss used to be considered polite, but these days, such titles are likely to cause trouble for your business. Here are a few reasons to skip them: A title might alienate your […]