Three Ways to Warm Up Your Emails to Build Personal Connections

When it comes to creating personal connections, nothing beats a friendly face-to-face conversation. But with the right touches, email can be a solid way to make your customer experience meaningful as well. Before you click “Send,” warm up your next email with these three tips: 1. Add a greeting and closing. You wouldn’t begin a […]

How to sound happy on the phone (and keep your callers happy in the process).

A phone call from a client or potential customer is not only an opportunity to talk up your business — it’s a chance to spread a little joy! Our virtual receptionists have discovered that being powerfully positive over the phone is an easy way to foster happiness, make a fantastic impression, and maybe even improve […]

The Return of Face-to-Face Connections: Stack Your Phones at Lunch

We can’t do without our smartphones — many of us even check our phones every few minutes. It’s with the best of intentions; we want to be responsive! But this focus on technology can hinder face-to-face connections. You hear the buzzing or beeping of your phone, and the next thing you know, you’ve tuned out your in-person guest. To […]