How to Turn a Frustrated Caller into a Happy One

Homemade Smiley Face French Fries with Ketchup

Everyone has bad days, and callers are no exception. As Ruby virtual receptionists, we have training on how to defuse a frustrated caller. I had the opportunity this week to turn a particularly upset caller into a happy caller. After I read the company’s greeting and asked, “How may I help you?” the caller responded, […]

Stellar First Impressions Mean Lasting Connections

As a Problem Solver and Happiness Maker, I chat with our clients about their accounts daily, answering any questions, making updates, adding new employees, and generally ensuring they’re using Ruby to the fullest. I might even be the first person a new client has ever talked to when I set up their Ruby account. Clients […]

5 Ways to Make a First-Time Caller Feel Comfortable

When a potential client interacts with your business for the first time, you may need to ask for a few pieces of information in order to begin working with this new person. Asking someone to share personal information isn’t always easy; however, there are ways to make the interaction more comfortable for everyone involved, and […]

Can Virtual Receptionists Make Calls on My Behalf?

You’re in court and your virtual receptionist sends you a timely message, but you can’t return the call. You’re at the worksite all day and can’t be interrupted, but you forgot to cancel your 2:00pm appointment. Your whole office is in meetings for the day and you need to remind a client to bring in […]

Impress New Employees with a WOW-Worthy First Day

Walking into Ruby on your first day, you’re sure to say “Wow!” We’ve perfected the art of first impressions, and not just over the phone. First days are perfect opportunities to introduce new employees to your company culture, get them excited, and set them up for success. At Ruby, our warm, smiling front desk receptionists will greet, […]