WOW story of the month: queen of everything.

Like most businesses, Ruby receives a huge flow of incoming emails each day. To help us manage our general inbox, we have a dedicated group to sort through each and every email—our Happiness Concierge team. With so many emails coming through, the team stumbles across a few tidbits that aren’t quite business as usual from […]

Emotional intelligence: the customer service super star.

In any role where you communicate with others, emotional intelligence is the name of the game. When everybody has a cell phone, and we can interact with people at any time of the day, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and make an impression where it counts. This is particularly the […]

How consistency carves a pathway to legendary service.

What separates your business from the competition? What’s your differentiator? At Ruby® Receptionists, we strive to set ourselves apart by delivering legendary service. To ensure we’re always working toward that goal, we rely on Ruby Service Pyramid—our roadmap for success. The peak of our pyramid is Make Meaningful Connections. In order to reach that peak, […]