Feeling the remote office blues? Learn from these work-from-home fails and success stories.

Back then, people shared workspaces and wore stiff, uncomfortable clothing known as “business casual attire.” They talked, worked, and commuted in close proximity to one another—often closer than six feet apart, and usually without masks on.  It was a simpler time. A cough was just a cough. Shopping at the supermarket wasn’t a terrifying, potentially […]

Six ways to boost your business with live chat software.

People want access to effective customer service when they need it and when it works best for them. Communication channels are constantly multiplying and in addition to the phone call, emails, and social media outreach, customers are beginning to expect the companies they do business with to be available another way: on their website, with […]

How contractors stay connected to customers in times of change.

According to Walker Info, this year (2020) will be the year that customer service overtakes price and product as the key differentiator for businesses. And for growing businesses, the phone is a critical customer touchpoint. Did you know that after a positive phone experience 80% of callers are likely to become repeat customers? Or that […]

50+ activities for kids schooling-from-home.

I am a marketer. I am a student. I am a mom. I am other things, too, but now? Right now? Right now, I am all of those things at once. In my home office, I share a desk with my six-year-old during the day and fight off the cats who want to lay on […]

Virtual answering services and the art of being human.

When data shows that 65% of consumers prefer to contact a company by phone, 75% expect help within five minutes, and 73% report satisfaction with live chat experiences, what’s a busy small business owner to do? Option 1: let callers go straight to voicemail, garnering a customer satisfaction rating of meh. Option 2: hire a […]