How contractors stay connected to customers in times of change.

According to Walker Info, this year (2020) will be the year that customer service overtakes price and product as the key differentiator for businesses. And for growing businesses, the phone is a critical customer touchpoint.

Did you know that after a positive phone experience 80% of callers are likely to become repeat customers? Or that 74% are likely to choose another vendor after just one bad experience?

As a home-services contractor, good customer service sets you apart from the competition. That being said, it’s not easy being available every time the phone rings. This is why having a remote receptionist service can help you deliver exceptional service to every caller, so you never miss the chance for new, or repeat, business. 

Especially now, as people are spending a lot more time in their homes, there is a good chance you’re experiencing an upswing in business. From restless individuals tackling home repairs to the families putting a little extra stress on home appliances and systems as everyone spends all of their time at home.

Supporting these customers, net new and returning, is what makes catching every incoming call so critical to you and your business.

Here are three big reasons why home service professionals are turning to virtual receptionists to make sure they’re maintaining a strong connection to customers during Covid-19:

  1. Make great first impressions. 
    According to Consumer Reports, 72% of callers who reach an automated answer will hang up without leaving a message—and potentially call a competitor. You don’t want to miss out on a job simply because of a missed phone call.  

A remote receptionist service provides the coverage you need when you need it, so potential customers don’t fall through the cracks. No more risk of losing customers to voicemail—every caller is greeted by a live, cheerful person prepared to follow your custom instructions.

And if you’re looking to hire subcontractors, remote receptionists can answer on your behalf when candidates call to gather or relay any info you need, so you can make an informed follow-up.

  1. Keep current customers happy.
    When you’re on the go all day, you’re not always able (or in the mood) to answer the phone with the warmest customer service voice. But that’s exactly what a remote receptionist can do, no matter if you’re at a job site or with a customer. A remote receptionist service is dedicated to being friendly, professional, and above all, helpful—so callers are happy, and you look good.

A remote receptionist connects only the calls you want and happily fields the rest, so you can focus your attention where it matters most. With the freedom to focus, you’re able to accomplish more each day.

  1. Meet the particular needs of your customer base.
    Many businesses don’t simply stop running at 5 p.m. Home services professionals, attorneys, property managers, and more must be available when their customers need to contact them. 

Our 24/7/365 receptionists and chat specialists work day and night, ensuring right-fit coverage for your business, and making sure your clients can reach a live team member when their emergency arises. Additionally, we offer bilingual receptionists, and HIPAA compliant services to support your business and your customers. 

We know you’ve worked hard to build your business, which is why here at Ruby, we take pride in ensuring that every call is handled by a friendly, professional customer service expert. So whether you’re on the road, at a job site, or taking a well-deserved break, you’ll rest assured knowing every call is handled by a customer experience expert. 

Sure, your customers depend on you for quality work, but they also expect quality customer service, too. Especially during this stressful time, having a remote receptionist service can empower you to run your company more efficiently while also creating great experiences for your new and current customers—helping you rise above the competition and maintain a strong business in 2020.

Curious to learn more about how Ruby’s award-winning receptionists can help your business grow? Check out our quick guide for details.