Business Unusual: To Gate or Not to Gate?

Read the Full Video Transcript Jill McKenna: Thanks everyone for joining us today. I am Jill McKenna. I’m the campaign marketing manager at Ruby. And I’m delighted to be speaking with Justin Dunham today from Ercule. Justin, thanks for joining me. Justin Dunham:Hey, Jill. Yeah, it’s great to talk to you today. I am, as […]

How to Celebrate the Holidays (and Earn Seasonal Business) in 2020

Long lines! Massive crowds! Packed airports and shopping malls! Doorbuster deals you can’t miss!  Yeah, no. The hallmarks of the holiday shopping season aren’t exactly COVID-friendly. Right now, as coronavirus case numbers soar across the United States, the best thing all of us can do is stay at home and avoid any in-person gatherings that […]

The Benefits of Live Chat on Website User Experience

When it comes to your website, accessibility and in intuitive navigation is key to a better user experience. Nowadays live chat is being considered part of the broader user experience (UX) plan meant to connect more closely with users on your website for better quality service. User experience or UX has many different components and […]

Creative Ideas for Building Your Business Online in 2021

Humans adapt. Our species has an exceptional innate ability to not only endure hardship but learn from it and, eventually, grow stronger through it. All year, small business owners have exemplified this trait. Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and the various turmoil 2020 has wrought, small business owners have found new ways to continue serving […]

Awkward customer service conversations happen. Here’s how to get through them.

It happens at some point to everyone who talks to customers. One day, you pick up the phone, start speaking, and suddenly find yourself in a painfully awkward conversation. “Hey bubby, how’s it hanging?” “What? Did you just… call me… ‘bubby?’” “Oh, I, uh, oop. I mean, oops.” “Huh?” “Yeah, I… Cool. Cool. So, how […]

When It Comes to Customer Service, The Future is Now

Even those of us in the business of customer service have a difficult time putting a hard-and-fast definition around the magic that happens when things go right. And everyone on all sides of the customer service equation knows when things go wrong. Given that, the complexity of today’s world (everyone’s busy, all the time!), plus […]

What Colleges Should Look for In Live Chat Software

In the college environment, there are many moving pieces that keep the campus thriving. Students, faculty, and staff all play unique role within the university system, roles that require near constant communication. Naturally, there are many questions and inquiries that come up in the everyday life of a student either attending or thinking about enrolling […]