Content marketing & social media: 4 easy tips for getting started

Content marketing and social media tips: side view of photo editor working in a creative office

I’ve worked in content marketing and social media for over a decade. I’ve designed infographics, produced and edited videos, presented webinars, and written thousands of blog posts, articles, and scripts for small businesses like yours. I’ve also run dozens of social accounts and campaigns, building and communicating with audiences ranging from dozens to hundreds of […]

Meeting customer expectations during a holiday season like no other

A single pine tree on a rocky summit

The holiday season never fails to heighten emotions—positive and negative alike. Maybe you’re overjoyed to spend time with your loved ones. Or maybe overstressed trying to figure out what the heck to gift to those loved ones (seriously, Dad, I need one hint or it’s going to be socks again). Maybe you’re thrilled to hear […]

Have trouble handling the emotional weight of phone calls? You’re not alone.

Handling the emotional weight of phone calls: illustration of overwhelmed person talking on the phone

If you’ve stopped by our blog before, you know that we’re big believers in the importance of quick and friendly phone answering for today’s businesses (and if this is your first time here, welcome!) However, knowing that something is important—and actually following through on it—don’t always go hand in hand. If they did, we wouldn’t […]

What your phone number says about your business

Choosing a business number: overhead view of faded yellow vintage telephone with notebook and numbers on monochrome background

Changing phone numbers can be a drag. First, you’re forced to update countless online accounts with your new digits. Then comes an obligatory post on social media informing others of this tragedy. And finally, you have the near-impossible task of memorizing your new and unfamiliar number. To put it plainly, it stinks. Swapping your business […]

How to find and analyze your website traffic

How to find and analyze your website traffic: two people look at a computer in a bright office space

There you are, minding your own business, when a new customer comes in off the street. You strike up a conversation, ask how they heard about you, and learn what your business can do for them. Sounds great, right? Now, imagine doing that 100 times a day. Then, imagine recording the details of each interaction […]

Using virtual receptionists for part-time answering

Using virtual receptionists for part-time answering - Ruby

Small businesses and their teams are capable of superhuman feats—but that doesn’t mean they can be everywhere at once. Sometimes even superheroes need backup. The right part-time virtual receptionist solution can support your business whenever (and however) you need it. Here’s how it works: What is part-time answering? More and more businesses are relying solely […]

What is a conversation really worth? We calculated the exact dollar amount.

What is a conversation worth: illustration of a confused person with complicated calculations hovering above their head

Small talk, chit-chat, mindless chatter. Whether you’re stuck talking with someone at a party or a nosy neighbor, our daily lives are filled with moments spent asking ourselves: Is this conversation worth my time? Business owners have things a little different. For them, every conversation is an opportunity to make a sale, delight a customer, […]

Top 3 legal marketing strategies for 2022

Top 3 legal marketing strategies for 2022: man looks at laptop

Small and medium-sized law firms, with limited resources, depend on their marketing efforts to generate leads. Even if leads are flowing, many firms still struggle to convert enquiries into paying customers. So, with 2022 fast approaching, now is the opportune time to consider the improvements you can make to your law firm’s marketing strategy. What […]