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The dawn of this decade has come with its fair share of challenges—some small, some not so small, and some so incomprehensively large that they’ve reshaped our entire way of life. These once-in-a-lifetime circumstances have led to ubiquitous emails from business leaders across the spectrum, stating that we live in “unprecedented times” and are facing […]

Encouraging remote employees to give back: lessons from DonorsChoose & Ruby

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They say it takes a village to raise a child. That village includes not only parents, neighbors, and teachers, but also local businesses.   When I look back on my own childhood, small businesses played a tremendous role in my upbringing. My love for DIY projects began with trips to my locally-owned hardware store with my dad. My prolific reading habits are […]

Arizona, here we come!

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We have exciting news to share—Ruby is expanding and hiring in Arizona to better serve the small business community! Our new remote team augments our existing brick-and-mortar presence in Portland, Oregon, and Kansas City, Missouri. At Ruby, we currently support more than 13,000 businesses. On a typical day, each receptionist answers more than 250 calls. […]

This Women’s History Month, #ChooseToChallenge with Ruby.

Welcome to Women’s History Month! The month of March is dedicated to honoring the accomplishments of women. That includes women making change, leading businesses, supporting and caring for their families, and shaping the future right now. After all, we don’t just look back on history. We create history—by living through it. As we mark a […]

What are your website visitors’ eyeballs worth?

How much would you pay for someone to look at your website? I’m not talking about having a visitor spend money, sign up for a list, fill out a form, or even click a button.  I’m talking about the value of someone’s eyes on your website. Jeepers creepers, what are those peepers worth to you? […]

Avoid Healthcare Burnout with Communication Technology

COVID-19 has stretched everyone in healthcare in ways they’ve never experienced before. They’ve had huge patient loads. They’ve had to be creative about PPE. Some have had reduced hours or lost work altogether, as patients postponed elective treatments. These changes have raised the question, “Why is communication important in healthcare?”  Plus, many parts of the […]

Why Patient Communication Is More Important Than Ever With The COVID-19 Vaccine

The long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine has been released, with emergency approval from the FDA. Healthcare workers and those over age 75 are already getting the first dose of the two-dose vaccine. NBC News has reported that many doctors are bracing for patients clamoring to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Other doctors are getting ready to […]

Annual Clio Report: In Summary

For many of us, our focus has been on getting through the day-to-day versus reflecting on the past year or planning more than a week into the future. There’s a lot to gain from hindsight, but tricky to find the time to discover lessons learned. Thankfully, our friends over at Clio did the legwork for […]

The Dish on Google Screened & What it Means for Attorneys

Consumers want two things: convenience and excellent service. And while search engines, smartphones, and click-to-call technology have taken care of the convenience part, finding a business that also delivers a great experience is much trickier. Fortunately, search engines like Google are getting the hint. Algorithms are beginning to consider the context of a customer’s query […]

Business Unusual: Branding, networking, and human connection.

The task of small businesses right now is not simple. How can companies remain true to our values, connect with our customers, and create real connections during ongoing confusion and change?  We sat down to speak with writer and brand storyteller Amber Pechin of Amplitude Media, about how to lead with earnestness, empathy, and real […]

Business Unusual: Networking & Communication

Katie Hurst:Hello, everyone, and welcome back to our small business series Business Unusual. My name is Katie Hurst, and I’m the director of communications at Ruby. And today I’m joined by Damien Filiatrault, the CEO of Scalable Path. Katie Hurst:Okay. I’m a small business, I’ve determined that outsourcing is a good option for me. I […]

Business Unusual: Hiring & Team Cohesion

Business Unusual: Hiring & Team Cohesion Diving deeper into staff augmentation, outsourcing, and working with freelancers, Ruby’s Director of Strategic Communications, Katie Hurst, continues her interview with Damien Filiatrault, Founder and CEO of Scalable Path.  Katie Hurst:Hello, everyone, and welcome back to our small business series, Business Unusual. My name is Katie Hurst and I’m […]