4 Alternatives to Using Your Cell as Your Business Number

telephone alternatives

Every day, our bright team of live virtual receptionists is cheerfully answering phones for small businesses all over the country. Over time, we’ve developed a keen eye for what works and what doesn’t. If you’re thinking of publishing your cell as your business number because it seems like the easiest way to go, think again! We’ve put together a few alternatives to help small businesses like yours avoid future headaches and hassle:

  1. A “remote call forwarding” line. This is a line that is not attached to any physical phone; it “lives” at the phone company and will simply forward to wherever you’d like. You can forward this number to your cell phone at first, so you will be able to have the benefits of availability to clients, but — and here’s the good part — when your business grows or you move into an office, you can install the number with a physical phone!
  2. Grasshopper. Grasshopper provides a service much like that of a “remote call forwarding” line from your phone company; the difference is that it’s purely virtual. You can still choose from a pool of different numbers, but because it’s virtual, Grasshopper provides additional features!
  3. Google Voice. This may be the most flexible of the options, and it’s free! Choose your number and have it forward to your cell, home, office, somewhere else, or all of the above simultaneously. Mashable published a helpful article detailing how this works and other ways you can use Google Voice for business. Pretty snazzy indeed!
  4. A landline. Ok, so maybe this one’s not as “revolutionary” as the previous ideas, but it might be useful to have an actual landline installed in your home or office that you can manually forward to your cell. It will keep the numbers discrete, and you’ll be able to use this phone for outbound calling as well. (And, with a service like Ruby, you can even get a business number that you can use on your cell phone!)

If you’re opening a business or considering publishing a new number, I hope this handy dandy reference guide will help you avoid the pitfalls of working off your cell. Whatever you decide, remember that Ruby’s live virtual receptionists are available to handle your calls with their signature charm and can-do attitude. If you’d like to have a little extra help around the office, here’s what you need to know. In no time at all, you’ll have the assurance that your calls are being answered with care by a cheerful, live person every time.

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