Home services: answering when homeowners make the call.

In a moment marked by its novelty, home service professionals and contractors are faced with their own unique set of challenges. 

While many business owners are seeing a downturn or outright halt in business activity, we know that contractors and in-home service professionals are experiencing an uptick in business as families are spending more time indoors and putting additional stress on appliances and systems.  

This could mean an uptick in the number of calls and service requests you’re receiving. Not to mention, many callers may be dealing with an additional layer of stress due to societal changes and economic downturn. 

To ensure that you’re continuing to win new leads and weather the storms of change, we’ve put together a couple of things to keep in mind as you’re managing the day-to-day of being a business owner.

Answering every call.

With the rise of a digital world, many people have forgotten about the importance of a good old fashioned phone call. As people seek more personal connection and look for immediate solutions to pressing home matters, it’s important to make sure you’re answering every call that hits your business line.

Every call is an opportunity to either win new business, or retain business with repeat customers. This being said, answering every call isn’t easy. There are times you’re with other customers, or are on-site working. Maybe you even have an office admin to help out with the phones, but even they need to take a break from time to time. 

This is why many business owners choose to use an “always on” virtual receptionist to make sure calls are never missed. A virtual receptionist can be used in a primary position to answer all of your business calls, or they can be used as backup to catch calls only during the times when you need it. 

This type of business layer makes it so that you never miss an important opportunity to win new business. 

Carving out time for you.

In business, we all want to strike while the iron is hot, however, it shouldn’t become a habit of coming at the expense of your personal or family time. The stress that comes with economic and societal changes affects everyone and it’s important to maintain a sense of balance when things shift quickly.

Growing your business in these times becomes about connecting with every potential and existing customer, but also making sure you have the time you need to recharge and come to work feeling the best you can.

With a virtual receptionist assisting your business, you’re able to easily choose in each moment if you want to be available to take business calls, or if it’s a time when you need to take some personal time. Whether that’s 15 minutes or an entire afternoon. 

Every business owner needs the option of being able to reclaim time for their work and personal schedule without sacrificing the chance at winning new business. 

From a proactive stance, that can mean choosing set times during the week where you choose to have the business lines answered by a virtual receptionist so that you can reclaim focused time to move through business-related tasks or even things such as gym time or date night (even if those need to take place inside your own home!). 

A virtual receptionist gives you peace of mind that your business will keep on working for you, even in the times when you’re not able or wanting to be fully engaged in customer relations. 

Adapting to a new business climate.

The Covid-19 pandemic is creating incredible shifts that are still to be seen and known completely, but one thing is for sure: people are spending more time than ever in their homes taxing appliances and systems at a rate never seen before. 

This means that contractors and home service professionals will need to be ready to accommodate an influx of new service appointments and phone calls. 

At Ruby, we know you’ve worked hard to build your business, which is why we take pride in ensuring that every call is handled by a friendly, professional customer service expert. So whether you’re on the road, at a job site, or taking a well-deserved break, you’ll rest assured knowing every call is handled by a customer experience expert. 

Sure, your customers depend on you for quality work, but they also expect quality customer service, too. Especially during this stressful time, having a remote receptionist service can empower you to run your company more efficiently while also creating great experiences for your new and current customers—helping you rise above the competition and maintain a strong business in 2020.

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