Building Real Estate Relationships With An Answering Service

We’ve all done it: Hung up when confronted with leaving a voicemail. Calling a business and being asked to leave a voicemail is something no one wants to do. Roughly 76 percent of people will hang up when asked to leave a message.

As you know, real estate is a competitive business that thrives on customer service. The moment a client hangs up, they’re calling your competitor. Is that a risk you’re willing to take? If not, there’s a solution: answering services for real estate investors.

Why should real estate investors use an answering service?

Relationships are a critical piece of real estate and begin with the first phone call. How a potential client is greeted on the phone will make the difference between them becoming your client or someone else’s. Research shows that clients remember the first and last minutes of an interaction more vividly and longer than the rest of it. 

Live virtual answering services for real estate investors, like Ruby’s, answer calls on your behalf. They’re trained, real-life people, available on-demand to professionally represent your business. From answering the phone, transferring calls, taking messages, scheduling appointments, answering questions, and more, Ruby’s receptionists are experts at making your clients feel important and convey the same level of care as you personally would. 

Why is it hard to build client relationships in real estate? 

Building and maintaining relationships with real estate clients isn’t always easy. It’s a competitive business with unconventional hours and out-of-office site visits. This is to say, answering the phone isn’t always possible for you and that’s OK. An answering service is like a life jacket for your relationships — at the minimum, it will help keep them afloat. The best services, however, can act do much more than that.

How Answering Services Can Help Real Estate Investors 

Getting back to clients in a timely manner is critical in real estate. People looking to purchase a home are making a huge financial and life decision. Many are anxious and sometimes rushed due to a job change, health concern, or some other life-changing event. The annual survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that 75% of recent homebuyers interviewed only one agent. You want to be that agent. 

Answering services for real estate investors create a seamless phone experience for clients. 

  • There is nothing automated about this service. A live human voice answers, greets, and talks to clients. 
  • You have extended and odd hours and can’t be available at all times. Answering services can. Ruby’s virtual receptionists are available 24/7/365. 
  • This service streamlines calls and transfers messages. 

Show Clients They’re in Good Hands 

Clients turn to you for guidance and support in the home-buying process. Many times, clients may feel scared and indecisive. They look to you to be a trusted source and advisor. They want to know you have their best interests in mind, not just your commission. 

When a client calls your office, you want to exude that same culture and feeling you present in-person: honesty, enthusiasm, and competency.. A live answering service helps to establish all of those traits by offering a warm reception, knowledgeable responses and consistency of service. Learn more about Ruby’s real estate receptionists

Your Time Matters, Too

Your time is valuable — and you don’t have a lot of it. Most likely, your clients feel this way, too. One way to make clients feel valued is by being available and responsive. We know this isn’t always physically possible for real estate professionals, but with an answering service, it can be. 

By valuing your own time, you’ll be able to put your focus where it should be: site visits, showings, negotiations, face-to-face relationships, and other higher-order elements of your business. Need ideas on how to free up your time? 

  • Schedule your calendar efficiently
  • Streamline staff training 
  • Communicate via technology 
  • Prioritize messages

Ruby’s Call Handling Guide can help you make the most of your time.

Stay Connected with Clients

Your client relationships are the foundation of your success. Keeping your future and current clients informed — and being informed about what’s going on in their lives creates trust and confidence. That said, it can be nearly impossible to remember every detail about a client and their family, let alone organize a roster of them. This is where tools like message organization and customized notifications come in. Ruby can help integrate your technology, so you can:

  • Automatically sync calls, voicemails, and messages 
  • Track call dates and lengths for easy billing 
  • Gather key client details from inbound calls
  • Link client communications with specific contact and topics

As a real estate investor, serving your community is essential. Technology plays an important role here — it can help elevate your level of service through effective communication, engaging experiences, and constructive feedback. Your outreach efforts can be greatly helped by software that offers lead management and scalable support. See how Ruby can help!

Strengthen Your Real Estate Business with Ruby

No matter what you’re trying to achieve in your real estate business, delivering customized and personalized service will get you there. Using an answering service will not only help you forge and maintain relationships, but it will also allow you to manage your time efficiently. Get started with the Ruby real estate guide.

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