Do I Need to Change My Phone Number to Use Ruby’s Virtual Receptionist Service?

Phone numbers: have to have them, hard to change them. And when it comes to business phone numbers, the same rings especially true.

We at Ruby® understand that the business phone number is often synonymous with the business itself. That’s why we make it easy to have our virtual receptionists answer your phones without ever having to change your phone number.

Forward your existing phone number to Ruby. We provide every client with a toll-free number to which you can forward your published phone number. Call forwarding is surprisingly flexible, and depending on your preferences and in-house staffing, you may have our friendly virtual receptionists answer all the time or on a back-up basis.

Publish your Ruby toll-free number. Do you have a brand new business and don’t yet have a phone number? There are lots of great inexpensive options out there, but you’re always free to publish the toll-free number we assign you. At the end of service, you can simply take it with you!

Port your existing toll-free number to Ruby. If you already have a toll-free number, you may want to have Ruby take over financial responsibility. We’ll absorb the monthly and long-distance charges while you use us, and we’ll release it back to you at the end of service. This is completely optional; remember, you can always just forward it to us!

Have additional questions about which option is best for you? Feel free to post your query in the comment section below, or simply give us a call at 866-611-RUBY (866-611-7829)!