Even More Ways Ruby Receptionists Differs from Answering Services!

As I began to describe in part one of this series, Ruby® Receptionists is not your typical answering service – in fact, we’re so different, it all couldn’t fit in just one post! Whether it’s the way our live virtual receptionists connect you to callers or just their overall delightful and professional demeanor, we strive to take customer service to a whole new level. While our remote receptionists are the heart of what sets us apart, our use of advanced technology also makes a big difference. Here are a few more reasons we’re unique:

90% of calls are answered on the first or second ring. At Ruby®, promptness is a virtue we cultivate. It is Ruby® Receptionists policy to never have a caller hear more than 10 seconds of ringing, and every call is answered by a live person during business hours.

We’re able to track your “whereabouts.” You may update us as to your status (at lunch, on your cell, working from home, etc.) at any time, and our offsite receptionists can relay info to your callers right away (“He’s in a meeting at the moment, may I take a message?” or “Sheila’s on a conference call, but I’d be happy to offer you her voicemail.”). Your callers will think we’re right in the other room! You can update your whereabouts by email or by calling us — or by using our convenient iPhone app.

Ruby Receptionists Mobile App

We send your messages immediately via email or text — or both! Some answering services ask you to call in for your messages, or they “batch” messages and send them to you at the end of the day. We send all your messages immediately, so you’ll be able to prioritize callbacks and keep your clients happy — while saving your own valuable time.

We’re able to customize to whom messages are sent. And we can distribute messages to multiple people simultaneously. For example, we can send messages from potential new clients to your sales team or customer service messages to your support team. Or maybe you’d just like us to copy your assistant on every message, because we can do that, too!

We email recordings of your voicemails. With every voicemail left, you’ll receive two emails. The first is from the receptionist letting you know who called. Then, the voicemail system itself sends you a .wav file (or sound file) that you can listen to on your computer or smartphone. With Ruby, you’ll never have to wonder whether you have a voicemail waiting for you, and you’ll never even have to dial in — unless, of course, you want to!

Ruby only charges for the receptionist time involved. Some traditional answering services have additional fees for transferring calls live, if they can do it at all. Or, they might charge you for each message taken or for the time that you talk to your callers. Not Ruby! We keep it simple and charge only for “receptionist minutes,” a.k.a. only for the time that our virtual receptionists are involved in the calls.

We combine friendly, professional service with advanced technology to ensure that your day goes smoothly, because, above all, we’re here to make your life easier.

These are just a few of the factors to consider when exploring answering services versus virtual reception services such as Ruby Receptionists. Have any other questions? Please give us a call! We’d love to hear from you!

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