When Do Financial Planners Choose A Remote Receptionist?

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Remote Receptionists for Better Control, Productivity, and Service

The landscape for financial service professionals has been shifting over the years. The adoption of smartphones and the use of social outlets has impacted the ways advisors connect with their clients. Most people are digging for details about businesses by using their hand-held mobile devices, which puts the capacity for making a phone call merely a click or tap away.

Mobile search will drive more than 73 billion inbound sales calls to small and large businesses in 2018. Looking ahead, it’s predicted that a whopping 162 billion calls will be made to businesses in 2019. Phones will be ringing off the hook!

Potential clients are calling for something they can’t obtain in a web/mobile search alone.

Popular reasons people are calling include:

  • quickly getting an answer (59%)
  • quickly getting an answer (59%), 
  • talking to a real person (57%), and 
  • getting more information (54%)—plus many find 
  • it’s convenient to call (42%).

They call because they want to know they’ve been heard and are kept up-to-date on important portfolio items. This is especially relevant as the financial market is unpredictable; when shifts happen, clients are looking for answers—from a real person. Fostering those personal relationships can reduce the risk of clients moving to another advisor.

Meaningful engagement for every caller is the goal. Some financial planners achieve that with in-house reception – and the many labor hours that come along with it. Others stretch the labor budget and assign phone reception duties to their existing staff. More and more financial planners are hiring remote receptionists.

So which setup is best for your business? And how do you know when it’s time to take a new approach? Here are some factors to consider.

What Clients Expect When They Call Your Office

While call volume is growing, there is increased expectation for quality customer service.

The Spectrem Group reports that:

  • 57% of Millennials and Gen Xers say it’s important that their advisor calls them regularly.
  • 87% of Gen Xers expect advisors to respond promptly to inquiries and questions,
  • 58% of Millennials expect advisors to respond promptly to inquiries and questions.

It’s critical to ensure a good experience that meets or exceeds caller expectations. Understand that they want to speak with a live person—they don’t want to reach voicemail or an automated system. They are calling to talk to someone who can help them.

Should Financial Planners Answer Their Own Phones?

It’s a complicated question. Between client meetings, creating new investment plans, and personal appointments, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.

Some questions to consider:

  • How can you handle incoming calls personally without compromising your productivity, flexibility, and focus?
  • Do you interrupt a client meeting to answer a call?
  • Do you let it go to voicemail?
  • Are your habits forcing you to miss out on connections with customers?

Can Your Other Employees Take On The Reception Duties?

You must be confident that team members are equipped and have the bandwidth to help callers or route them properly. Keep in mind the costs associated with having your team answer phone calls versus focusing on higher value-added tasks. It can work if you and your team are ready to make this part of everyday practices.

What’s a Remote Receptionist?

Designed to help you best serve your clients, a remote receptionist gives financial service professionals the flexibility to run your business in a way that best meets your needs and your clients’ needs. That real, human touch helps you create meaningful connections with callers. Plus, you gain the freedom to work the way you want—in the office, on the road, wherever!

Why Do Financial Planners Hire Remote Receptionists?

Take the insights of Wheelhouse Wealth Advisors, for example. “We realized the importance of having a live person answering our calls,” says John Postizzi Jr., Branch Manager, Financial Advisor at Wheelhouse. “We knew we didn’t want to hire an in-house receptionist because in this line of business that’s no small undertaking. It would require a thorough screening process and fingerprinting in order to deal with all of the sensitive information related to this line of work.”

Work Smarter When and Where You Want: 5 Benefits of a Remote Receptionist

5 Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

Streamlining Your Reception Services

If you’re interested in experiencing the difference a quality remote receptionist service can make for your financial services business, Ruby Receptionists is here for you! We serve many financial service professionals from small boutique brokerages to LPL and our partners NAPFA and FPA. We’re the front-line voice for more than 7,000 businesses in the U.S. and Canada, and passionate about helping small businesses grow and keeping those essential human interactions alive.

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