Improve productivity with the Happiness Journal challenge.

At Ruby, we’ve built a culture around fostering happiness and one of our tools for success is the Ruby Happiness Journal Challenge. This easy challenge takes just five minutes a day for 21 days, and it can make all the difference in a company’s happiness, productivity, and accuracy.

It isn’t just about happiness—though happiness is certainly important. It’s also about building a company that has the capacity to grow while keeping perspective, having gratitude, and focusing on what keeps us sharp day to day.

This year we’re taking on the challenge as part of our dedication to workplace wellness, or as we like to put it, Swellness.


The term Swellness may or may not sound familiar. Last year Ruby redefined the concept of sick time, focusing more on the goal and less on the problem. After all, you don’t stay home to remain sick, you’re taking the rest you need to become well!

Thinking about that process of going from “sick” to “well”, we landed on the word, “Swell”. This year, we took Swellness to a whole new level. Instead of focusing a single month on wellness, we’re bringing the Swellness all year long. In 2017 Hello Swellness is an entire year of whole-Ruby wellness from top-to-bottom, front-to-back, inside and out. Each month we’re zooming-in on a single aspect of wellness—from nutrition to physical activity to, you guessed it, happiness.

The Ruby Happiness Journal

All the way back in 2011 Shawn Achor did a Ted Talk titled The Happy Secret to Better Work. In his presentation, he revealed that happiness has a huge impact on productivity and accuracy. This is our 6th year taking on the Ruby Happiness Journal Challenge, and every year we’ve seen it make an impact on happiness and productivity! Happy people are just better team members.



In fact, his research credits small, daily positive habits—like writing down three gratitudes, journaling, exercising and meditating—with actually rewiring our brains to scan for the positive before the negative. And practicing these positive acts for 21 days makes them a habit.

All it takes is 21 days of positivity to brighten your perspective, improve productivity, and boost accuracy.

Still not sold on the importance of happiness?

You’re busy doing the work it takes to grow your business. It might seem like there isn’t time to set aside for journaling or meditation.

But what if we said the Ruby Happiness Journal will help you grow your business?

Achor’s research suggests that these moments do more than just boost overall happiness. In fact, happy people are:

  • 37% better at sales
  • 31% more productive
  • 19% more accurate

So happy people aren’t just happier, they’re more productive.

Join the happiness movement!

Interested in taking the on the challenge for yourself and your team? Participating only takes a few moments a day! Every day for 21 days, record these three things in your Happiness Journal (or notebook, or online blog).

  • Three things you’re grateful for that day
  • A positive gratitude action for the day
  • Your favorite positive experience from the past 24 hours
  • Optional: exercise for at least 10 minutes and spend at least two minutes in meditation

Grab your favorite notebook, blog, dry-erase board, or napkin and get writing. Then, let us know if you see a difference in your productivity and positivity!

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