How specialized customer support maximizes revenue

How specialized customer support maximizes revenue: person handing $20 bill to camera

Meet Wendy. Wendy’s the administrative professional for a 40-person software company, and she’s the backbone of her office.

 She’s responsible for:

  • Managing executive calendars
  • Checking emails
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Organizing office mail and shipments
  • Keeping coffee stocked in the kitchen
  • Watering plants and keeping the front lobby looking beautiful
  • Screening resumes for job applicants
  • Greeting in-person visitors
  • Greeting phone callers

…And more.

Wendy has been with the business for more than ten years. She’s a jack of all trades when it comes to the day-to-day management of the office, as well as a kind and patient problem-solver to boot. But somewhere along the way, the lines between her role and responsibilities blurred.

The company hired Wendy to greet callers and visitors. Wendy was needed to transfer calls, screen potential opportunities, and answer customer service questions. Her job was to help the business grow by delighting people. But today, the office has her busy doing all kinds of other (important!) things—because her “soft” skills make her a prime team member to handle virtually any issue.

You need a Wendy. But you also need specialized customer support to maximize your revenue.

Wendy is only one person with an unending to-do list and less and less time to do what she was initially hired to do. It wouldn’t even be her fault if a call went unanswered— the office constantly pulls her away from her desk.

Does this sound familiar? Does your business have a Wendy?

Having a rockstar administrative professional who can do any task you put them to isn’t a bad problem to have, but it can still be an issue for your business. Because the more responsibilities that person has, the more likely they are to let something drop. And when that something is a customer or client reaching out, there’s a direct impact on revenue.

In other words: Missed calls are missed opportunities.

For that reason and more, your business needs dedicated customer support.

A team of virtual receptionists ensures customers are never left hanging.

There’s a good chance your office is probably getting more calls than your Wendy can handle—especially if she’s pulled away from the phone to help others or take minutes during an important meeting.

Hiring another Wendy would be great for your business. But the average salary for an in-person receptionist can range from about $25,000 to $40,000, and it can go even higher in certain markets. Even after a new in-person hire, you still need to figure out who can greet your customers after your team clocks off.

Fortunately, you don’t need to hire another Wendy. A virtual receptionist solution can provide the same level of service, including on nights, weekends, and holidays—whenever you need it, flexibly and cost-effectively.

Virtual receptionists can meet the needs of all sorts of businesses, from one-person operations to small and medium-sized teams. They can even be a great fit for companies with one or more employees already dedicated to communicating with callers. Enlisting the help of a team of virtual receptionists will empower your administrative team members to focus on other equally important tasks without letting calls go unanswered.

Whether used full-time, part-time, or as backup, virtual receptionists alleviate the pressure your business is facing—without the need to bring in new employees or make significant operational changes.

A specialized customer support solution like Ruby offers:

  • Call answering
  • Outbound calling assistance
  • Appointment setting
  • High-quality customer communication
  • Customer and caller insights
  • Real-time updates through the Ruby mobile app
  • Live chat support
  • And so much more!

Virtual receptionists have helped tens of thousands of organizations deliver better customer experiences, stand out in the marketplace, connect with prospects, and maximize their potential. Save money and time, and earn new business with every call—learn how by calling us today!