How to Graciously Greet an Office Guest When You’re On a Call

At Ruby, customers know they can count on the warm, friendly voices of our virtual receptionist team to graciously greet their callers. Visitors to our offices are treated to an added bonus: friendly faces to match! In Portland, OR, Ruby’s front desk receptionists Mercedes and Sara Lee field our clients’ calls just like their fellow Rubys. But they also greet office visitors, and take care of all sorts of tasks that keep our offices running smoothly! How do they do it all? Naturally, with a smile.

If you’re a front desk receptionist looking for a few tricks of the trade, look no further. Our telephone answering champs are here to help!

Our front desk receptionists know how to graciously greet!

So what’s the best way to graciously greet an office guest when you’re on a call?

According to our front desk Rubys, it’s all about prompt, friendly acknowledgment. Says Mercedes, “When I’m on a call and a visitor arrives, I continue speaking with my caller, but make eye contact with the visitor, smile, and hold my hand up to show I’ll be with them in a moment. If I have a chance to place the caller on hold, I make sure my call notes are clear, then check in with the guest.”

Sara Lee agrees that the eyes have it: “The most important thing is making eye contact right away so the guest feels acknowledged and welcomed.”

Mercedes brings up a great point in saying, “Office guests don’t get angry and hang up.” But if they’re not acknowledged quickly, they might feel neglected, and that’s no good. As Sara Lee wisely says, “There’s nothing worse than stepping into an office and wondering ‘Does she see me? Maybe I should clear my throat or something.'” Customer experience is all about a great first impression, and that extends to when a customer walks through your doors. “If I am on the phone, I make sure to catch the visitor’s eye, smile, and nod to them,” she adds. “I may even give them the ‘One moment, please’ index finger up that says ‘I’ll be with you in a moment.'”

A final note from Sara Lee: “My advice to receptionists who are balancing walk-in guests and phone calls would be to smile, make eye contact, and be their charming selves. It’s a winning combination!”