How to keep winning business—even after you’ve clocked off

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto


We all want that fabled hashtag to be our reality. And with a little bit of help, some of us even achieve it.

(Case in point: I’m writing for you in my pajamas right now—work and life in perfect balance.)

But not everyone is so fortunate. Some people feel like they can never achieve a healthy work–life balance due to the 24/7 demands of their jobs. Maybe people are contacting them constantly. Or they’re worried about losing opportunities to a competitor. Or they feel personally responsible for the success of their endeavors.

I’m looking at you, dear business owner.

The fact is that you work too hard. You need to take more time for yourself, time to spend on the things you enjoy and the people you love. Let’s look at how to do that and—ready for it?—continue to win business and make money at the same time.

It sounds too good to be true.

More and more businesses are operating 24/7/365, capturing leads and delighting customers along the way, and experiencing continual growth as a result. Obviously, those business owners never stop or take a break, let alone a vacation, right?

No. As it turns out, hustle culture isn’t the only way to be a successful business owner.

That balance can and does exist for many. Growth doesn’t have to come at the risk of your personal life or mental health. The key is to find a way to keep your business open for customers or clients, without needing to respond to those customers or clients yourself.

In other words, the only part of your business that really needs to be 24/7 is customer communication. And with the right solution in place, you can rest easy knowing a well-qualified team of professionals is handling it for you.

Why invest in 24/7 customer communication?

Let’s look at the numbers.

Here at Ruby, we answered over 13 million calls for businesses last year.

Nearly 10% of those calls happened beyond typical business hours or on the weekends, up from the year before.

That means our customers received 1.3 million calls when their businesses weren’t “open”—but their callers didn’t necessarily know that.

Callers of all kinds were able to connect with real people to learn about services, schedule appointments, enter sales pipelines, and more. Virtual receptionists made it happen.

Want to learn more about the rise of 24/7 calls and the impact of the phone on your bottom line? Check out our call trends report.

Achieve true work-life balance with Ruby.

If you want to work 9-5 but keep your business going after hours, you’ll need some help.

What if your work-life balance looked something like this?

Having enough time off to pursue hobbies

Getting to spend more time with family

Kicking your heels back a little bit

Taking the vacation you’ve been putting off

…while also…

Having a turn-key business model that operates 24/7/365

Making your customers happy

Growing year over year

Both can be true at the same time with Ruby’s help.

We’re a customer service solution that offers genuine human connection. Our dedicated virtual receptionists are here to take every call that you can’t (or don’t want to because you’re off the clock). We’re here to provide your customers with unforgettable experiences so that you can take a much-needed break.

Interested in having us handle your calls? Learn more about how it works or give us a call at 844-311-7829.