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Why invest in customer engagement?

66% of consumers say instant, on-demand engagement is a critical decision-making factor when purchasing new goods or services.

Customer expectations are evolving. In today’s on-demand economy, customers want quick answers, personalized service, and to be able to connect in the way they prefer. Right now, someone is looking for your service or product, and if they don’t see an easy way to connect, they’ll move on. 

Simply put, a ringing phone or a static web page means missed opportunities. 

Engaging your customers is critical to the survival of your business, but so is having the time to serve your customers. Investing in your customers’ experiences ensures whoever engages with your business feels heard, secure, and eager to share their positive experiences with others—but you may not be able to deliver that experience every time.  

“I’m already stretched too thin. How am I supposed to handle the work I already have while creating the experiences my customers demand?”

Reception Services 

Business hours are shifting—days are getting longer making it nearly impossible for a small business owner to get a break and still be “on” for every call. Anyone can answer a phone—but there’s a difference between an answering service and consistently engaging with customers on every call, 24/7.   We extensively train our virtual receptionists in empathetic service and are 100% focused on going above and beyond for every caller.

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Reception Services
+ Tech to Keep You Mobile

Cloud-based technology has redefined the office and made it possible to work from anywhere. Hours are shifting, and customer interactions are expanding into the evenings and weekends. There’s a blurring of home and work that can be both empowering and overwhelming. 

Staying connected doesn’t have to mean being available 24/7, nor should it. Whether you’re repairing a sink, heading to court, or balancing personal needs, our mobile app lets you control your availability while staying on top of your communication. 

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Web Chat Services

A ringing phone is an easy indicator of how often prospective and current customers are reaching out, but what about those customer interactions you can’t hear? Every day, potential customers are visiting your website, seeking a solution to their problem. These customers expect quick answers, and 42% won’t bother picking up the phone. 

Websites have become the virtual front door, and website chat the equivalent of your greeter. Ruby’s chat specialists deliver the same empathetic and human service as our receptionists while also qualifying potential new customers.

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Are you looking to dive deeper into the details of our virtual reception and chat services? Our frequently asked questions cover everything from transferring or obtaining phone numbers and billing to our HIPAA compliance and bilingual service. 


What is the Ruby difference?

Ruby is about doing something because it’s the right thing to do, not the thing we have to do. We’re about doing something because it’ll make someone’s day that much better. We do these little things because they add up. They multiply. They expand exponentially. We do these things to brighten someone’s day. We do these things to remind our customers that we have their back. We do them all with heart. 

Our commitment to the little things is what helps us deliver on our big promise—to help your business thrive. 


“Frankly, I love your company. As much as you extend the compassion and optimism I try to provide my clients, I’ve also learned even more about the value of good customer service from all of you. BTW – the federal court clerk told me earlier that whoever answered my phone was fantastic. You give off the aloha spirit that we are so proud of in this state, even if you are not here.”

Diane Haar, Hawaii Disability Legal

The Ruby Ecosystem

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, and it takes a village to ensure they’re supported. Ruby works with many associations, and partners to help you run your business efficiently while building relationships with your customers. 


Systems are never more powerful than when all the gears are turning together. We currently integrate with several complementary technologies in the legal industry to share data so you can avoid duplicate data entry! 


Community is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business—having colleagues with whom to commiserate and access to resources otherwise out of reach. By partnering with Ruby, your members receive not only a team dedicated to engaging their customers, but exclusive offers to a range of services focused on helping their business grow. 

The Ruby Story

Working on cool projects

How It Started

In 2003, Ruby started as a small business dedicated to helping other small businesses. We built our business on the belief that creating meaningful human connections in our technology-focused world builds trust, fosters customer loyalty, and helps our customers win new business.

Ruby’s humble beginnings shape every aspect of how we run our business and deliver our services. Our small business history helps us understand the needs of our customers. 

What was once a small, four-person business answering phones in a tiny studio has flourished into what we are today. Our customers inspire us every day, and we share in the joy of their success. 

A dynamic team of leaders, sharing a single vision.

Ruby’s leadership team brings together small business expertise and years of experience in delivering operational excellence. Not to mention robust backgrounds in technology with a dedicated focus on customer experience.


At Ruby, we believe that a WOW-worthy customer experience begins with the employee experience. We value creating an inclusive workplace that celebrates what each Ruby’s unique personality and passions add to our people-powered culture. Find your next adventure at Ruby to build not only a career, but a community dedicated to helping you and our small business customers grow.
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*Ruby is delighted to offer a money-back guarantee to first time users of both our virtual receptionist service and our chat service. To cancel your service and obtain a full refund for the cancelled service (less any multi-service discount), please notify us of the service you wish to cancel either within 21 days of your purchase of that service or before your usage exceeds 500 receptionist minutes/50 billable chats, as applicable, whichever occurs sooner.


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