How to outsource your content marketing.

You know your field inside and out, and you’re ready to take your business to the next level by adding content marketing to your comprehensive marketing plan. Well-written, thorough blog posts, timely social media, how-to videos, and strategic emails will make the most of your experience and expertise—and you’re excited to start putting these tools to work for your business growth.

There’s just one problem: creating all of this content takes time and consistency, which can be a challenge for growing companies.

From writing, editing, and posting blogs to studying reports, updating websites and landing pages, and staying on top of trends and tools, you’ve got a daunting to-do list. Factor in the time it takes to become proficient with the software needed to produce quality content, and you’re looking at spending a minimum of 15 hours a week once you’ve got an organized system in place.

As a result, many companies have found that outsourcing their content marketing is a solution that makes sense. The first step towards outsourcing content marketing is putting a few policies and components in place.

Tips For Outsourcing Your Content

By taking these small steps early on in the process, you can build a positive relationship that wins followers, expands your thought leadership, and increases conversions.

  • Start with your audience. Who do you want to attract to your company? Doing research on your audience and creating an avatar of your ideal customer is an important step toward a successful content marketing plan.
  • Think about your style. Do you want to publish highly technical pieces about your industry, or would you prefer more casual conversational blog posts? What’s your brand’s voice? Should content be written to sound as though it’s coming from you, or would you prefer a third-person, more formally written piece?
  • Think about your business. One of the biggest concerns many small business owners have when outsourcing content marketing is that the writer or marketer won’t understand their unique niche. Take the time to help the content marketing specialist shine by documenting your history, mission, vision, and goals. Include information that you’d like to see as standard in each piece.
  • Think about where you’re going. What’s your ultimate content marketing goal? Would you like to increase conversions or reach? Setting clear goals from the beginning helps the copywriter determine what they need to do to help you meet and exceed your goals.

Once you have a sense of your content goals, it can be helpful to create a short list of blog ideas, select a few different copywriters or copywriting agencies, and ask them to create a piece or two based on your chosen topics. When reviewing submissions, consider whose voice and style most closely matches your own, and which pieces best capture your company spirit.

Choosing Where to Outsource

Additionally, it’s important to keep these three things in mind when deciding where to outsource your copywriting:

  • Look beyond the dollar sign. In copywriting, you get what you pay for, and investing in quality content can have a powerful effect on your company’s success. No matter where you outsource your content marketing, remember that in order for your investment to generate a return, the writing must be clear, concise, and value packed, with a call to action that spurs consumers to take the next step.
  • Be clear from the get-go. Outsourcing your content marketing should never mean stepping back completely. Let the writer know what you want to see, be available and willing to answer questions, and review the content before publishing. Making style and voice suggestions can help in two ways: the writer learns more about you and can shape content accordingly, and you stay familiar with what is being written, preparing you to answer any questions or field any calls that come in as a result.
  • Remember, content marketing is all about relationships. Whether you’re working with your customers, employees, or your content marketing creators, the road to success is a two-way street. Investing your time and resources in the content marketing process upfront will help you see bigger returns and a more engaged, excited audience.

Above all, find a company or writer you trust, work closely with them in the beginning, and have patience. Becoming an established thought leader in your field isn’t something that happens overnight. Once you get a plan in place, allow your content marketing specialist or copywriter to do what they do best—create quality content—so you can spend your time focusing on your company, doing what you love.

Gabe Arnold is the founder of Copywriter Today where you can get unlimited fresh content for all your marketing needs. If you want 250 free headline ideas for your next marketing campaign, use their free tool here.

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