How virtual offices can benefit from a virtual receptionist service.

What office type is right for you?

Many of our clients use virtual offices or coworking spaces for their small businesses. Renting a shared space rather than a traditional office can save money, and it can make a lot of sense for startups and solopreneurs. It’s easy to use these spaces in combination with a live, virtual receptionist service (typically as simple as forwarding your business number), and though virtual office packages may include receptionist services, there are several benefits Ruby® offers that can’t be matched.

If you operate out of a virtual office, here are three reasons you may want to use a virtual receptionist service to answer your calls:

1. Make a stellar first impression.

Front desk receptionists at virtual office buildings have a lot on their plates: answering calls for several distinct companies, receiving and distributing mail, and greeting guests all in the same breath. Hold times may be longer for your callers, some calls may be missed entirely, and helpfulness may fall to the wayside as tasks vie for the receptionist’s attention.

A virtual receptionist service, on the other hand, focuses specifically on answering phones — and answering them well. Each Ruby virtual receptionist attends “Ruby University,” training them on the best way to help callers and clients and brighten their days. With a cheerful, attentive person answering your calls, you can make the best impression possible for your business.

2. Additional call handling options.

Many virtual office buildings only have the capability to “blind transfer” callers. Your caller’s experience might look like this:

Virtual office receptionist: “Thank you for calling ABC Company. How may I direct your call?”

Caller: “Hi! Is Bob Smith available?”

Virtual office receptionist: “Let me transfer you. One moment please.” Caller hears ringing until you pick up (without knowing who is calling)…or your caller reaches voicemail.

Since a virtual receptionist primarily focuses on answering calls, she can spend more time engaging with your caller and can take messages if the desired party is unavailable (instead of dropping them immediately into the voicemail abyss). Instead, your caller will hear something more like this:

Virtual receptionist: “Thank you for calling ABC Company. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Hi! Is Bob Smith available?”

Virtual receptionist: “I would be happy to check for you! May I say who’s calling?”

Caller: “Fantastic! It’s Sam Jones.”

Virtual receptionist: “Thank you, Sam! One moment, please.” The receptionist would then try Bob’s line. If he picks up, she’ll let him know who’s on the line, and he can accept or decline the call. If Bob’s unavailable or declines the call, she will go back to the caller and offer to take a message: “Bob’s away from the phone at the moment. May I take a message?” And then she’d immediately send the message via email or text!

While the call handling from a virtual office may be limited, virtual receptionists are not. They can ask potential clients different questions than your current clients, route calls to wherever you are, and more! You’re welcome to customize your call handling as much as you like!

3. More features.

In addition to enhanced call handling options, you can also let your virtual receptionist service know where you are. They can keep your clients informed and set great expectations on when to expect a return call: “Tim’s out of the office at the moment, but he should be back around 3:00pm. May I take a message or transfer you to his voicemail?”  At Ruby, you can update your whereabouts in a flash via email, our mobile-friendly Member Services Area, or our iPhone app!

Questions about what we can do for your business? Tweet us @callruby or give us a call at 866-611-7829 — we’d be delighted to help!

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