Introducing Ruby’s new brand evangelist!

Photo by Minkmade Photography
Photo by Minkmade Photography

Howdy and hello! I’m Katie Hurst, the new Brand Evangelist here at Ruby Receptionists. I’m delighted to join the Ruby team, as the company has been on my radar since moving to Portland nearly two years ago. At the time, I was working for a website development firm in town that used Ruby for all our client calls. The positive attitude and friendly demeanor with which each Ruby handled our calls left a strong impression—so much so I knew this was a company I had to work for.

Prior to moving to Portland, I had the pleasure of running a network of nonprofit collaborative workspaces dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It was amazing to see folks sharing their challenges and successes with the community, as well as eagerly absorbing all the tools and tips we could publish. It was in this role I discovered my passion for building community, as well as creating and curating resources that help others succeed.

Ruby is equally passionate about easing the burden on small business owners through not only our service, but through our blog and social networks as well. This is what I look forward to most in my role as Brand Evangelist—expanding our resource library with tips on communication, customer service, building a company culture—everything a small business needs to succeed. Great resources should solve a problem, whether that is answering a question, sharing best practices, or making it easier to reach a goal. This philosophy has guided my writing and outreach over the past 10 years, and one I feel fits in well with Ruby’s core values.

snowshowingIn addition to helping small businesses through informative and fun resources, I also enjoy geeking out on obscure movie trivia (did you know The Imitation Game was the top unproduced screenplay of 2011?), skipping through the halls (because who doesn’t?), and creating failed versions of Pinterest projects.

Each and every day our receptionist have the pleasure of making your life just a bit easier, and I’m pumped to find more tools, resources, and best practices to assist even further! I welcome your ideas, so please feel free to reach out with your thoughts.

If you’re wondering, “But where did the other Katie go?!”—fret not, Katie Wilson’s still in the house! She’s just transitioned into a new role—an entirely new department, in fact. Katie’s now one of our Ruby Experience Leads, ensuring that employees, callers, and clients alike receive world-class experiences. In addition to writing for the blog, she’s currently helping beef up Ruby University, our thorough and ongoing training program. With her at the helm, we know our employees will have all the right tools to continue making wow-worthy connections!