How to grow your small business—5 minutes at a time

There’s nothing “small” about growing a small business. Whether your goals are to:

  • Bring in more customers
  • Grow your team
  • Increase revenue
  • Expand into new markets
  • Or have your business run on autopilot

It’s a big undertaking that takes substantial planning and considerable expertise.

Not to mention the massive time investment that comes with learning the skills needed to ensure long-term success.

We’ve seen firsthand how frustrating these challenges can be for our customers. So we decided to put down our thesaurus—and put together some quick lessons based on nearly two decades of experience helping small businesses grow.

Learn 5 growth-boosting lessons in under 5 minutes each.

You’re already an expert at running your business. However, scaling your small business not only requires you to be a jack-of-all-trades—but a master of many as well.

For example, as exciting as it is to win new business, are you also prepared to hire and manage multiple employees as demand increases? Or, even if your current customers are happy right now, do you have the right programs in place to keep them coming back year after year?

We know how daunting this delicate balancing act can seem, so we’ve broken down the five most important areas to focus on first:

  • Marketing: attracting new customers and building brand recognition
  • Customer loyalty: retaining the customers you already have and using them to generate positive word-of-mouth
  • Customer experience: streamlining communication and keeping customers happy even at your busiest
  • Business operations: managing things like payroll and HR as you grow your team
  • Freedom: the ability to take time off and work within your limits

Ruby’s newest resource, Small business snippets: micro-courses for macro-success, explores each of these topics in 5-minute installments—providing high-level insights without disrupting your day.

Get a sneak peek of the first course by watching the video below. Afterward, make sure to sign up for this free series for more tips and insights designed to help you grow your business!