You run a plumbing business. Ruby runs a plumbing answering service. You should consider using us. But this isn’t about us. 

It’s about you.

Your plumbing business takes work. Perhaps you have a handful of employees, or maybe you’re the sole member of your organization. Either way, you work too hard, you don’t get paid enough, and you’re feeling like it’s time to grow.

There’s just one problem: you are the business. The success and customer loyalty you’ve earned have come from your skills and personality. If you focus on business management, your customers will lose out on the exceptional service and personal touch you provide. But if you keep putting your head down and doing all the work yourself, you’ll never reach that next level. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to engage in both business development and the demands of the job.

How do I know all this? Because practically every plumbing company that’s ever existed has faced—or is currently facing—the same dilemma. Take it from Steve Allen, owner of Allens Plumbing, whose story was recently featured in Plumber magazine:

“The toughest thing is setting down the tools. [Managing the business] was a very rough transition. But it wasn’t a good combination to work in the field and also try to run the business at the same time. You cannot be in the field and manage a business of any magnitude properly. You just can’t.”

How do Allen and other successful owners make the jump? 

How can you smoothly transition from lead plumber to plumbing company leader? 

Plumbing answering services are a key piece of the puzzle. Here are a few ways a service like Ruby unclogs your workflow and makes life easier for you, your team, and your customers. 

A plumbing answering service allows you to work smarter, not harder.

Plumbers are busy people. Many work in excess of 40 hours per week, conducting multiple site visits in long shifts punctuated by unexpected crises and after-hours emergencies. After all, burst pipes and clogged toilets hardly ever happen at opportune times.

And then there’s everything else beyond the installation and repair work: customer calls, scheduling, workforce training, transportation, sales and marketing, and so on

A plumbing answering service eliminates many of these burdens and streamlines communication, so you and your team can focus on the jobs in front of you. 

With a service like Ruby, your company benefits from friendly, trained professionals who are available on-demand to talk to customers, represent your business, transfer calls, set up appointments, and more. There’s no need to let calls disrupt your work or hire on-site receptionist staff who you need to actively train and monitor. It’s one less thing (or, more accurately, 10 less things) to worry about.

A plumbing answering service converts more sales leads.

In the plumbing industry, sales opportunities are unpredictable by nature. You never know when a new customer will reach out, what they’ll need, or how quickly they’ll need it.

Given the current state of customer service expectations, it’s imperative that no call goes unanswered. Customers are no longer willing to try your number multiple times or leave a voicemail and hope you’ll call back. If someone doesn’t reach you immediately, that person will probably move on and contact one of your competitors.

That doesn’t mean you need to wait by the phone all day and night. A plumbing answering service ensures you never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer or prospect. You can rest easy while you’re working—or literally resting easy—knowing that someone is capably handling external communication (and bringing your prospects ever closer to conversion).

A plumbing answering service helps you prepare for and personalize every site visit.

Every plumbing project and site visit is unique. And every customer is unique, with their own preferences, levels of understanding, and service expectations. Some know their stuff; others are depending on your expertise. Some are willing to wait and be patient with workers; others… not so much.

Put another way, plumbers are never totally certain what kind of situation—physical, emotional, or both—they’re stepping into.

Wouldn’t it be great to know everything you need to know in advance? To avoid issues that could balloon into customer complaints? To know which jobs and customers require that, shall we say, gentle approach?

A plumbing answering service like Ruby makes it possible. Our team leverages years of experience in the industry to effectively convey information between customers and businesses. We know how to manage expectations and read between the lines to determine not only what customers say they want, but what they might not realize they need. Equipped with this information, you can personalize every visit without needing to navigate the sometimes-thorny initial conversations alone.

A plumbing answering service empowers your customers.

Good communication flows in both directions. The better your customers understand your work and their own plumbing needs, the more detailed the information they can offer to you before you arrive—and the more appreciative they’re likely to be of your hard work.

With a plumbing answering service, you’ll open up customer communication and access to information, empowering your clients and ultimately improving the quality of your work. Ruby ensures customers receive the essential details about your company and capabilities, so they can make informed decisions about how to best use your services. 

We also facilitate conversations during and after the job, making it easy for your organization to provide customers with updates and follow up when projects are completed. Along the way, we’re always capturing the customer data you need to drive improvements to your business.

Grow your business with Ruby’s plumbing answering services.

I’ll say it again: you work too hard, and you don’t get paid enough. Don’t add more to your already-full plate by managing every aspect of business growth all by yourself. 

With Ruby, you’ll…

  • work smarter—not harder,
  • convert more leads,
  • improve customer service,
  • stand out from the competition

…all without needing to retrain your staff, change your business structure, or hire more in-house employees.

Say hello to the next phase of your business’s growth with Ruby’s plumbing answering services.