Ruby Gems: March Anniversaries!

Congratulations to the six delightful Rubys celebrating anniversaries this month! Heather Q Brackett, one of our resident programmers, has been with Ruby® for a phenomenal five years! Cheerful and outgoing virtual receptionist Amanda S. is celebrating her second year while quick-witted Stefani V. has been a virtual receptionist at Ruby for three. We’re also glad that savvy virtual receptionists Amy W. and Ellen W. have both been brightening our studio for one whole year. And last, but certainly not least, one of Ruby’s first virtual receptionists and our current Billing Specialist, Paddy McCaffery-Allen, has been back with Ruby for one year. Here’s a quick glimpse into what what makes these ladies an ineffable part of Ruby Receptionists:

What’s your favorite part about working at Ruby?

Heather Q: I’ve been really lucky here at Ruby. They saw something in me, from the very beginning, and I got to become the “Ruby Programmer.” I learned all sorts of crazy things that I never thought I would be into. Ruby, as a whole, really believed in me and allowed me to flourish.

Ellen: Definitely the wonderful spirit that we have here. Everyone is cheery, fun loving, and creative. It’s really energizing.

Paddy: All the innovation. Whether it’s technology, the company culture, or the way departments are encouraged to grow and try new things, the progress Ruby has achieved is truly remarkable!

Amy: Ruby makes me feel supported and encourages me to be myself. The managers have helped me identify my strengths and work with me to use them in a team-oriented way. I have also learned a great deal about how to be professional without being stuffy!

What’s your favorite part about living in Portland?

Amanda: I’m in love with the community! As a virtual receptionist, I talk to a LOT of people from all over the country. And after “visiting” other states all day, I like coming home to Portland’s eclectic group of folks.

Ellen: There’s always something to do here — when the weather’s cold, there are lots of cheap movies and happy hours. When the weather is warm, there’s Sauvie Island and Multnomah Falls to visit. You get the best of both worlds here.

Stefani: Believe it or not, I love the rain!

Amy: I love the fact that it’s socially acceptable to dress up like a bee and ride my bike around! [See evidence from the Worst Day of the Year benefit bike ride above!]

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at Ruby?

Heather Q: I Do and Make. My life revolves around projects. Whether it’s working on my house, screen printing t-shirts or posters, painting, doing illustrations, working on a movie with my husband — it’s rare that I’m sitting still for very long. “Done is the engine of More” is my motto.

Amanda: I like to catch up with friends all over the city. I go to plays, concerts, happy hours — there is just so much to do around PDX! I recently found a warehouse where people practice Poi (a traditional form of New Zealand dance), contact juggling, aerial acrobatics, etc. Needless to say I’ve started contact juggling!

Stefani: I’m in school right now, so I’m usually studying my heart out when I’m not answering phones.

Paddy: I have a fantastic husband and three awesome kids. I love anything that has to do with them. Cooking and traveling to new places are pretty cool too!