"Shake it off": 3 tips for bouncing back from a tough call.

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Even the greatest customer service representative will have a tough call from time to time. Perhaps you weren’t able to solve the customer’s issue, or the caller was anxious about an unrelated event—whatever the reason, you complete the call feeling a bit down. When this occurs, it’s important to bounce back fast, so you can make sure to deliver top-notch service to your next caller.

Did you know the physical reaction we experience when we feel frustrated or sad only lasts 90 seconds? Beyond that time, your body is free to turn its attention elsewhere. This means you have the power to turn your mood around quickly, but you have to make a conscious effort to do so. Here are three simple ways you can “shake off” the tough call hum-drums and get back to your friendly, upbeat self!

1. Play the Glad Game

Ruby Stephanie Schnur has previously shared this game as her go-to strategy for getting her day back on track. The goal of the “Glad Game” is to help you focus on the positives of a situation, instead of the negatives. For example, if a customer complains to your manager, be glad you can use the conversation to grow and improve, avoiding future issues. Making “glad statements” can instantly shift your mood and remind you things aren’t as bad as they seem.

2. Ask Others for Help

If you’re still feeling blue, seek out others who can help, such as a coworker or manager. Not only can they provide a listening ear, but also role-play a similar scenario and create a plan to ensure you feel confident returning to your calls. Plus, verbalizing your experience to others allows you to reflect on your own reaction and thought process. Be sure to keep your language positive! Complaining without working toward a resolution will only keep you in a foul mood.

3. Don’t Take It Personally

Everyone has bad days now and then, and this includes your customers. Cars break down, projects get delayed, kids fight—a number of factors unrelated to your call can result in a customer blowing off steam. Instead of concentrating on the behavior, focus on the person on the other end of the line. While on the call, empathize with the customer and lend a listening ear. For most callers having a bad day, they simply want to feel heard. If they are still frustrated upon hanging up, however, recognize you did your best and move on.

Remember, the psychical reaction accompanying an emotion only lasts 90 seconds. After that, it’s up to you to shake it off and get back to creating a WOW experience for each and every caller!

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