The anatomy of a live chat conversation

Have you ever needed a little support, a listening ear, a helping hand…only to be confronted by a cold AI-driven chatbot?

While AI chatbots have come a long way over the years, they’re still limited in their capabilities. Their greatest weakness?

They aren’t human!

Customers want to hold conversations that feel personal and tailored to their needs, whether it’s in-person, over the phone, on a video call—or via chat. Indeed, Forbes discovered that a whopping 86% of consumers prefer humans to AI chatbots, with 71% of consumers saying they would be less likely to use a brand if it didn’t have human customer service representatives available.

No one wants to risk losing customers over an AI chatbot, so let’s talk about the easiest alternative—live chat!

Live chat capabilities range from fast, friendly customer support to dynamic customer engagement, including developing leads and building relationships. It’s the most effective way to connect with customers online in a meaningful way and add that all-important human touch to your business’s website.

To illustrate what makes live chat different, let’s look at a few hypothetical scenarios to see how real people react when other real people are available to help them with their customer service issues.

The (people) power of live chat

Scenario #1: The cracked swimming pool.

A homeowner just experienced an after-hours emergency. Ruby’s virtual live chat agent is on-call to help!

RUBY LIVE CHAT: Welcome to Mesa Pools & Spa! Let me know if I can help with anything!

CUSTOMER: Hi, we just noticed a crack in our backyard swimming pool. I know your business is closed right now, but what should we do?

RUBY LIVE CHAT: I’m sorry to hear about that crack in your pool. Can you share a few more details about it?

CUSTOMER: We have an inground concrete pool that you guys installed last year. This week has been very cold, and we think it cracked when the temp dropped.

RUBY LIVE CHAT: I see. Can you tell me where the crack is located and how big it is?

CUSTOMER: It’s near the top but below the water line. About 2 inches long. I don’t think it is leaking, but I’m not sure.

RUBY LIVE CHAT: Thank you. Okay, let me gather your contact details and I’ll share the information with our maintenance team right away.

Ruby’s live chat agent was able to collect information to assess the situation while keeping the customer calm. Once the chat ends, Ruby sends the update to the business owner for follow-up action.

Scenario #2: The worried legal client

A legal client is worried about a financial matter in their pending case. Ruby’s virtual live chat agent listens and alleviates their fears!

RUBY LIVE CHAT: Welcome to Smith, Gonzales, and Associates! Let me know if I can help with anything!

CUSTOMER: I need to talk to my lawyer, Emma Smith; I just saw something in my paperwork that I don’t agree with.

RUBY LIVE CHAT: I understand your concern. It looks like our firm’s attorneys have all left for the day. Would you like to leave a message that I can pass along?

CUSTOMER: I’d really like this addressed asap. Can you just answer my questions instead?

RUBY LIVE CHAT: I’m not able to discuss the details of your case, but I’d be happy to let them know that this is an urgent matter that requires their attention right away.

CUSTOMER: Okay, if they could get back to me first thing in the morning, that would be great.

RUBY LIVE CHAT: Thank you. Let me gather your contact details and I’ll share the information with your legal team right away!

Ruby’s live chat agent was able to assist a concerned legal client without trying to answer direct questions on sensitive legal matters. The client felt heard and assured that their request will be passed along promptly.

Scenario #3: The potential lead

A potential client reaches out after-hours to ask about products and services being offered. Ruby’s virtual receptionist is there to capture this opportunity!

RUBY LIVE CHAT: Welcome to The Right Fit Supply! Let me know if I can help with anything!

CUSTOMER: What’s up? I own a small business here in town, just trying to find a new supplier for t-shirts and other apparel/merch I can customize with my logo and artwork.

RUBY LIVE CHAT: That’s fantastic; we’re glad you reached out to us! We offer a wide range of customizable products to our B2B customers around the country. Can you share specifics about your needs?

CUSTOMER: Yeah, like I need about 50 black t-shirts (10 medium, 20 large, 20 XL), some ball caps, maybe shorts or even stickers.

RUBY LIVE CHAT: I see. Our catalog features all those items except for stickers. Will you need us to print your designs directly onto the apparel before shipping?

CUSTOMER: If you can, yeah, I’d like to learn more about the costs first, though. I’m hoping to find a supplier I can work with every month as I try to scale this part of my business.

RUBY LIVE CHAT: Thank you. Okay, let me gather your contact details so our sales team can put together some information for you to review. Sound good?

Ruby’s live chat agent served as a welcoming touchpoint after normal business hours were over. They asked questions to show interest in the prospective small business customer’s needs while also collecting information to qualify them as a lead for the sales team.

Scenario #4: The frustrated customer

A frustrated customer reaches out with complaints about their recent service experience, but Ruby’s chat rep saves the day!

RUBY LIVE CHAT: Welcome to Lashes & Luster Cosmetics! Let me know if I can help with anything!

CUSTOMER: I never got my package, and I ordered it two weeks ago. I reached out a few days ago and never heard back. This is terrible service!

RUBY LIVE CHAT: I’m sorry to hear about the delay in your package delivery, but we’re going to take good care of you. Do you have your account number handy? I can take a look to see if there’s a reason for the delayed response.

CUSTOMER: My account number is 867T499M. I contacted you guys on Wednesday.

RUBY LIVE CHAT: Ah yes, it looks like your message went to our shipping coordinator Stacy, but unfortunately, she’s out this week dealing with a personal emergency. I’d be happy to pass this along to our logistics manager Andrew who can reach out directly with an update on your order.

CUSTOMER: Okay, that works.

RUBY LIVE CHAT: Great! I’ve already alerted him about this issue. You should hear be hearing from him shortly. Is there anything else I can help with in the meantime?

The customer was frustrated about a perceived delay, but Ruby’s live chat agent took the appropriate actions to de-escalate the conversation and reassure the customer that they were in good hands.

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