Three Ways to Prepare for an Employee’s Perfect First Day

Welcoming new employees

At Ruby® Receptionists, we understand the importance of making a great first impression. Our clients count on us to do just that, and our remote receptionists deliver stellar first impressions with every call they answer. But our dedication to great first impressions isn’t limited to telephone answering—we aim to ensure that every new employee receives the best introduction possible. Where first days are concerned, we’ve found that a little planning goes a long way. Try these three preparation tips to ensure that first days are fantastic at your office:

Create a game plan.

Who will greet the new employee? Who will give the employee a tour? Who will train the employee, and what materials are needed? It may seem excessive, but a first-day game plan is invaluable. Sketch out a schedule, and prepare any training materials beforehand. And get started on the game plan early–as soon as you know you’re hiring someone new, ideally. If you feel unprepared, your employee will most certainly sense your apprehension, and that does not make for a good impression. A new employee should know that your team is hardworking, organized, and efficient from the moment they walk in the door, and there’s no better way to send that message than by treating your employee to smooth, thorough first day.

Make a shipshape workspace.

Is the new employee’s keyboard a little dusty? Get to dust-busting! Nothing makes a poor impression like an unclean office. Make your new employee’s workspace is spic-and-span, and while you’re at it, stock your employee’s desk with supplies. Test your employee’s telephone, headset, computer, and any other equipment, and make sure all necessary software is installed and working properly. Set your newbie up for success!

Add a personal touch.

At Ruby, we place a welcome gift on each new employee’s desk, along with a handwritten notecard from the employee’s manger. These touches serve to make a new employee feel like part of the team from the get-go. You may not have room for a gift in your budget, but be sure to place a welcome note on any new employee’s desk. A heartfelt hello does wonders without costing a penny!

If you have any first-day tips to share, please comment–we’d love to learn how you welcome new employees to your team!

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