To WOW your clients, WOW new employees first.

To make your company stand out among the endless options out there today, look for ways to provide memorable, head-turning, status-quo-busting experiences — and not just for your customers! Use the Ruby Service Pyramid to help you get there. It guides you from starting with the right infrastructure to the end goal of Making Meaningful Connections. The Service Pyramid can be used as a yardstick for customer-focused processes and systems, but it’s also a great way to measure the quality of experience for a different, equally important kind of end user: New employees!

Here’s how you can apply the Ruby Service Pyramid to your on-boarding program and set your employees up for success:

The Ruby Service Pyramid created by Jill Nelson

Be Prepared with the Right Infrastructure

Set up your new recruit’s desk and computer ahead of time, and print off any training materials they might need. Having everything in place when they arrive allows you to focus on training and keeps the week running smoothly. First impressions matter, so at Ruby, we created a beautiful training room — the Grow Room, named after our core value “Grow” – where our new recruits can learn in a comfortable and inspiring environment. It’s outfitted with all the technology, hardware, and décor to create a seamless training experience.

New Ruby Desk
A desk awaits a new Ruby

Do What We Say We’ll Do

Set a good example by showing your newest team members they can count on you to practice what you preach, and that includes things like being on time, following instructions, and living your company’s core values. Walk the walk and they’ll see it’s not just talk!

Foster Happiness

Design your training program to be an uplifting and positive experience. The first step? Have trainers who are naturally uplifting and positive themselves. They’ll get everyone off to a great start by setting a friendly, welcoming tone that inspires learning and engagement.

Core values on the wall of the Ruby Grow training room
Our core values and photos from past events line the walls of Ruby’s training room

Create Experiences

Set out to make this initial period better than they’ve ever had at a new job. Decide what you want that to look like, and give it all you got! Make a list of every touch point your company makes with its new recruits, from the quality of the training materials to the smiling face they see when they walk through the door on day one. Each gesture affects the overall experience, so evaluate whether those touch points are sending your desired message.

Give Them What They Don’t Even Know They Want

See if you can make your trainees say, “You thought of everything!” We love hearing those words at Ruby, so we are constantly updating our programs based on our own successes and learning opportunities to better serve the incoming groups. This approach allows us to provide solutions for new Rubys’ needs before they even know they have them.

Make Meaningful Connections

Creating connections at work gives employees a sense of community and belonging, which leads to a healthier, happier workplace, and in turn, well cared for customers. Handwrite your new team member a notecard welcoming them to the team. It’s a small gesture, but a big deal to someone who’s starting out on a fresh path. Introduce them to lots of people outside their department and be sure to invite them to any fun events coming up. Training itself can be an exciting opportunity for new people to connect with others, especially if you use a classroom style approach. We’ve seen many lasting friendships forged from the solidarity of the group training experience.

There are endless ways to view your business through the Ruby Service Pyramid lens. Zoom out to examine the big picture, or back in to focus on the small, day to day things like training and welcoming new people onto your team. No matter what, it’s a great way to think about how your company can provide a truly outstanding experience.

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