What is your phone personality?

As a small business owner, you are faced with managing time in a way that will be productive and beneficial for both you, and your clients. Company phone calls are a large part of the puzzle of running a business, yet calls can range from facilitating important new business opportunities, to the useless solicitation you’d rather not answer. How do you balance your need for time off of the phone without sacrificing those important calls? Hiring a virtual receptionist like Ruby is certainly a step in the right direction.

Ruby has a number of options available to fit any phone personality—or the method of phone answering that works best for you and your business. So, what’s your phone personality? Take our easy, five question “personality” quiz to determine your preferred style for your business calls!

Grab a sheet of paper. Choose one answer per question that best describes you, and write down the letter of your answer on the sheet of paper.

1. I enjoy work that allows me to “dive in” with few interruptions.
a. Completely True
b. Somewhat True
c. Somewhat False
d. Completely False

2. I let calls go through to voicemail.
a. Never
b. Rarely
c. Sometimes
d. Most of the time

3. I am talkative.
a. Completely True
b. Somewhat True
c. Somewhat False
d. Completely False

4. I’m able to refocus quickly after being interrupted.
a. Most of the time
b. Sometimes
c. Rarely
d. Never

5. Which statement best describes you?
a. I prefer to take all calls.
b. I prioritize certain calls over others.
c. I’d rather someone else answer my calls.

You’ve answered the questions—now let’s see the results! To get your score:

  • Award 3 points for each “A” answer
  • 2 points for each “B” answer
  • 1 point for each “C” answer
  • Award no points for D answers

Add up your total points to learn your phone personality!

Chatty Cathy/Carl (Score 10 or above): Talking to folks brings you energy, and you crave the opportunity to connect with your callers. You love answering questions, big or small, and don’t mind catching a solicitation or two. For Chatty Cathys and Carls, Ruby is happy to connect calls to any number you’d like—desk or mobile. A Ruby will stay on the line after politely asking your caller to hold, and introduce the call to you once you’ve answered. Simply let the receptionist know you’re ready for the call and you’ll be instantly connected!

Pick & Choose Patty/Patrick (Score 5-9): You prefer to prioritize calls as they come in, directing your energy where it is most useful. You want to be sure you’re available for a certain type of caller, but unavailable to others. Ruby has you covered! We’ll gladly note to put through your potential new clients, or any other type of call, to the number you’d like us to reach you on. Other callers will be told you’re away from the phone at the moment, and our receptionists will provide excellent service by collecting a message or sending the caller to voicemail. This leaves you free to tend to your high priority calls immediately, while protecting your time and ability to do the work your clients appreciate.

Rather Return Rachel/Roger (Score 4 or below): You work best when you have a chunk of interrupted time when you can remain focused. Other times, you need to collaborate with colleagues in the office and are not at your desk for long periods of time. If this is the case, Ruby can let callers know you’re away from the phone whenever they call in. After politely offering to take a message or connect the caller to voicemail, we’ll send any information we’ve gathered for you via email. Your time is well protected and any urgent calls will be marked as such. You’ll always know when to call back immediately! Ruby is also able to relay a specific time frame of availability to your callers. If it works best to return calls during a certain hour of the day, we’ll gladly let your callers know!

If you’re interested in learning more about your own phone personality and how Ruby fits into your day, just let us know! You’re welcome to reach out at 866-611-7829 or hello@callruby.com. We’re delighted to help!

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