Why click-to-call is vital to your small business growth

People use their smartphones for pretty much everything today, including making phone calls to businesses. Usually when they have a question about your products or are ready to buy. Is your website ready to help you with that? Or are you so busy that you haven’t had time to integrate a phone option into your marketing strategy? With a click-to-call option on your website, you’ll encourage that conversation and earn more business from the 65 percent of people who prefer to contact a business by phone. As a small business owner, that phone call could have a significant effect on your bottom line, but only if you’re ready for it.

Why click-to-call

Since nearly half of all global web pages are viewed on mobile devices, click-to-call makes it easier for people to reach out to your small business. Once they’re on your website, they click a link and are connected to you via phone. Maybe they have a simple question about your product or want to buy your product and prefer to do it with a live person. 

Many people use your phone number as a way to decide whether they want to buy from you. If they have to search your site for more than two minutes to find your phone number, 68% of people will move on to someone else. 

Not only are more people calling in general, but they’re also spending a lot of money based on those calls. One study found that 58 percent of people call businesses about a purchase of $100 or more and another 24 percent are calling about a purchase of $500 or more. Those kinds of numbers can have a significant impact on your SMB’s bottom line. But adding click-to-call to your website is just the first step. 

Answering the call(s)

The work doesn’t stop just there. Once you’ve made it easy for people to contact you, it’s time to make sure you’ve got someone available to answer the calls quickly. 

Over half of all callers will stay on hold for five minutes, but not much longer. The reason they’re using the phone is to hear from you faster than if they’d sent an email. If it takes you longer to answer their question than it would if they’d just sent you an email, you’ve got a problem.


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Why it’s important to answer the call

1. Accelerate your customer communications

Speed is a big deal for people online. They want your site to load quickly and they want you to answer the phone quickly too (75 percent of consumers expect businesses to answer within five minutes of an inquiry). 

Offer the option of a callback if you’re not able to answer their call quickly and efficiently. — And then call back. 

2. Raise your sales conversion rates

Speaking on the phone with customers and prospects is also a great way to increase your sales conversions. Chances are, you’ll be speaking to a “ready-to-buy” customer on the phone, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Hearing directly from you creates a relationship between you, so they’re more likely to stick with you. In fact, this study found that once customers speak to you on the phone, 80 percent of them are likely to become a repeat customer and 60 percent are likely to spend more money with you in the future. 

3. Offer a personalized experience

Today’s customers expect a personalized experience online, and 88 percent of marketers have seen measurable improvement when they do so. Yet only 42% of American consumers saying they receive personalized messages very rarely or not frequently from business, so clearly there’s room to grow. 

4. Create more relevant marketing

As an SMB owner, you wear many hats and juggle many different tasks every day. One way to improve your marketing is to speak to more customers and prospects. You’ll find out exactly what their challenges are and why they’re considering buying your product or service. You can use these calls as inspiration for marketing campaigns, saving you time and effort, and creating messages that speak directly to people because it’s their own words! 


Whether you’re just thinking about click-to-call now or have already installed it on your website, you know that talking to your customers is important for your small business. It could be just the thing that brings you to that next level. 

You’ll be able to offer a personalized experience to your prospects and customers, increase sales conversions, and get a better handle on what your customers are looking for. And who knows, your business might become so successful with click-to-call that you need to get help answering the phones!  

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