Customer story: Bug Authority

People first, profitability second. For Gary Moore, this philosophy is the cornerstone of every single customer interaction.

But Gary can’t do it alone. And when his company, Bug Authority, started receiving more and more calls on nights and weekends, he knew he was missing out on making connections and potential sales.

That’s where Ruby came in.

“I’ve outsourced almost everything in my business that can be outsourced,” Gary said. “I’m not a marketer and I’m not an accountant, so when you find the right partner, life becomes so much more productive. All I need are partners who let me run my business without worrying about everything else.”

Hands holding a tablet with Ruby's Bug Authority case study on the screen

In this case study, learn how Gary and Bug Authority use Ruby’s virtual receptionist services to…

  • Ensure round-the-clock coverage
  • Capture more opportunities
  • Optimize customer communication, cost-effectively

Pest control companies, HVAC technicians, contractors, and other service businesses throughout the US use Ruby’s virtual receptionist and live chat solutions to delight their customers and grow their businesses. Learn more and find free resources you can use to boost your revenue.

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