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Customer expectations vs. reality

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Customer service still matters more than many realize. Today’s customers expect a lot from the companies they choose to do business with, which is why it’s important to understand exactly what you can do to ensure you’re winning new business and securing your return customers’ happiness.

What Customers Want


say that instant, on-demand engagement is a critical decision-making factor in purchasing new services


expect help within five minutes.

Every call is an opportunity to either win new business, or retain business. But, answering every call isn’t easy. Often, you’re with other customers or on-site working.



of customers believe that companies meet their expectations

What Home Services Contractors Say


say that phone calls still remain the number one way new customers contact them.


of home services businesses say efficient customer scheduling is a top challenge.

So, how important is answering every call in terms of revenue?

If you get 10 phone calls a day and answer 100% of them


Calls per year

30% of those calls will result in a sale



Resulting in 783 more sales per year


Net new sales

783 more sales x $1,000 average deal size



In new business!

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