If the Shoe Fits: There’s No Place Like Ruby

Ruby Slippers
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Ruby is a family. That, more than anything, is something that makes my day-to-day job so fulfilling. I have worked at Ruby Receptionists as a virtual receptionist for nearly four years and take pride in how far the company has come while still maintaining a close-knit, caring sense of community.

Jill Nelson, our CEO, envisioned “Ruby” not only as our mascot, but also as the representation of our Core Values in action. When I first joined the Ruby team, Jill was a leader who knew me by name and always had a word of support.

For some companies this would be the part of the story where a “but” might be in order. “But, then what happens? Ruby has grown! Surely such a fast-growing company has lost its sense of intimacy?”

Not really.

As one of Ruby’s “Receptionist Ambassadors,” I have had the ear of Jill and the Leadership Team on a regular basis. Each month, I and a fellow virtual receptionist, hold an open meeting where we discuss the concerns and needs of our receptionist staff and create an open dialog about innovation and employee fulfillment. We brainstorm professional development opportunities and green-lighted office-space enhancements (like cable in the break room… because Mad Men’s back on!).

The Ruby Ambassadors change every quarter, but thanks to those discussions, I had the opportunity to meet with Kevin, our Marketing Director, to discuss professional development and learn more about the sales and marketing teams at Ruby. We were to have a lunch meeting, but time was short. Fifteen minutes into our meeting, I began to worry I had crashed his lunch hour. Just then, a knock at the door announced Jill, bustling in with sandwiches and a cheerful insistence that she would be back with plates and napkins in a minute.

Cue record scratch: My CEO is bringing me lunch?!?!

Ruby is a company that excels in seeing the visionary capacity of its employees, top to bottom. Ideas, no matter how large or small, are encouraged and nurtured. This is what makes Ruby an exceptional company. This is what makes me feel like family.

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