Introducing our new Client Services Associate: Sara

We pride ourselves on giving callers the best experience they can possibly have when they try to reach one of our clients.  Our receptionists are the best in the business.  But that’s only half the story.  When our clients call us, we have a Client Services team at the ready to make their day.  We recently added a new player to our lineup, and in her own words, we introduce her to you.

How long have you been a Ruby?
Sara: Since December 5, 2007!  That date is burned into my brain.  I had just left my previous job working for an independent record store to look for something with better pay.  Then I got strep throat, and I spent a week hoping it would go away before I started at Ruby, where I would have to talk all day.  Luckily, I felt better the day before I started.

What is your favorite thing about Ruby?
I’ve always thought the best thing about Ruby is that it’s like a little family.  Everyone is so into taking care of one another and spreading cheer.  We’re just very well taken care of here, and I like that.

What would your dream job at Ruby be?
Sara: Well, to be honest, I’m doing what I wanted to do.  I always wanted to move into client services.

What’s the weirdest job you ever had?
Sara: I’ve not really had any weird jobs … the most horrible job I had was working for a month at a cat clinic.  After cleaning up cat cages for over an hour a day and then having to stick needles in poor little kitties, I knew I would not be there for much longer.

Oh no!
Sara:  Yeah, pretty much everything about that job was traumatic.

Now that you’re starting in a new position, what has been the best or most rewarding thing?
Sara: Well, the most interesting thing has been learning all about how things happen behind the scenes and the technology we use.  Our receptionists and our clients don’t even know it’s there because it’s so seamless and it’s all integrated.  And now that I know all of this, I feel good about helping our clients because I can offer really great solutions and make someone’s day.  That’s a nice feeling!

What was your favorite toy as a child?
Sara: I had a few, but I suppose it was my Mandy & Jenny dolls.  My mom used to play her Barry Manilow records, and I would sit under the dining room table with my Mandy doll when the song “Mandy” came on and sing to her.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
Sara: A gold tooth fairy!  I think it’s one of my best costume creations yet!

Are you known for your Halloween costume creations?
Sara: Yes ma’am!  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I usually throw parties, but this year my apartment is too small.

I guess your gold tooth fairy outfit will be pretty outrageous, huh?
Sara: I’m not sure if it will be outrageous, just very well thought out and detailed. Pink, pink, pink!

I’ve seen a giant pink wig on your desk.  Is your dress going to be equally as bright and pufferific?
Sara: I made a multi-pink tutu that is just amazing (to me), and I have a pink corset top, pink tights, pink shoes, pink hair, pink make up and a wand and necklace made of gold teeth.  I also have a little pouch of gold teeth.

Sounds like a fun outfit, Sara!  Good luck WOWing our clients.  You’ve already WOWed us.

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